Adding and Adjusting Titles

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Title: Adding and Adjusting Titles


How to add and adjust titles in Premiere Pro CC.


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Adding titles to your Premiere Pro project is fairly straightforward. With your project open, go to the Title menu in the finder and choose New Title, then Default Still. The New Title window will open. The Video Settings are based on your current project setting, so let’s leave those as they are. Type in a name for your title, and then click OK. The Title tool window will open, and a title clip with the name you gave to it will appear in your Project pane.

If you’ve created a “Graphics” bin, click and drag your new title to it now. Move the timeline playhead to the shot where you’ll add your title to have it show in the Title tool window for reference. Along the left side is the tools bar, and the main tools that we’re going to use for this basic lesson are the Text tool, the Selection tool, and the Center tool. If you want to see what each of these other tools do, hover your mouse cursor over each one to see a description. By default, the T, or text tool will be selected, as indicated by the color blue. If, for some reason, it’s not selected, then click on it to select it.

Next click somewhere near the center of the title tool window and type in your title. Now as this will be the title for the beginning of my sequence, I want it to be centered in the frame, so I go to the tool bar and click on the Vertical Center and Horizontal Center buttons. Directly above the title window are the standard text options that you would see in a word application such as font type, style, size, kerning and leading.

Along the bottom of this window are preset title styles that you can choose from.

I’ll choose this one from the presets.

After you’ve chosen a preset title style, you can still change the font type, size and color, if you want. Just remember that if you change the font size, you’ll need to click on the Vertical Center and Horizontal Center buttons again. When you have the title just the way you want it, click on the red dot in the upper left corner to close the tool and save your title changes.

Now, go to your title in the Project panel and click and drag it onto your timeline on the track above the clip and at the point at which you want it to appear, in this case, at the beginning. By default, your title will be 5 seconds long, but you can easily change the length by trimming it shorter or longer. You can also change your title’s position by dragging it in your timeline, the same way you would any other clip.

To add a fade in and fade out, so that your title doesn’t just pop on the screen, right + click, or Alt + click on a PC on the beginning of your title clip and choose Default transition, which is the dissolve, then do the same for the end of your title clip. Remember that you can change the dissolve length by clicking and dragging each one. Or you can right + click or Alt + click on a PC, choose Set Transition duration, and type in a new value in the duration field, and then click OK. Let’s take a look at our finished title.

If you want to make changes to your title at any time, just double click on it in your timeline, to open the Title Tool, make your adjustments, and then close it again. To delete a title from your sequence, click on it so that it’s selected, then click on the Delete button on your keyboard. Note that this will only delete the title from your sequence. It will still be available to you in your Graphics bin in your Project pane.

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