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Learning to edit is like learning to play chess; you can pick up the basic moves very quickly and then spend time mastering more sophisticated editing skills. At The Video Journalist we divide our editing instruction into two separate categories; first the grammar of editing which covers the fundamental principles of how to edit, rules which apply equally to a short video for the web and to a documentary film. The second part of our editing curriculum is software specific and covers the most popular editing software and those that we teach in our face to face training.


Editing a 1-Minute PieceGetting StartedGrammar of EditingFinal Cut Pro X BeginnerFinal Cut Pro X IntermediateFinal Cut Pro X AdvancedFinal Cut Pro 10.3iMovie 10iMovie for iOS Premiere Pro BeginnerPremiere Pro IntermediatePremiere Pro AdvancedEditing Long Form DocumentariesWhat's New: Premiere Pro CCUsing Music When You EditThe Pitch ReelKineMaster for Android Devices

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