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Digital technology and the Internet are changing the world and fast. The need for video is exploding and you can start or expand your career here today.

We are a world dominated by screens. The average person now spends an astonishing 8.5 hours a day looking at screens – smart phones, tablets, computers, TVs and more. And all of those screens are going to need video, and lots of it.

Every newspaper, magazine, online business, and website is going to need video. We can train you for a career in the world’s fastest growing industry, and show you where the job opportunities are and how to get them. Follow our courses and learn how to start your own video production business or even your own TV channel.

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"I was astonished at how simple it was to pick up a camera and learn to use it in a proper way." Amy

"It really surpassed all of my expectations." Rob

"I went from full-time print reporter and sometimes video journalist to being full-time video journalist to sometimes print reporter." Nyier