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At, our intention is always to make things as simple as possible, and as naturally intuitive. When it comes to shooting, we have created an extremely simple to follow process for almost every shooting situation that works every time. We call this “The Michael Rosenblum Five Shot Method™." We invented this in 1988, when we first started building VJ-based TV stations. In those days we staffed the stations with print reporters who had never touched a camera, yet they had to be on the air with perfect video, every time, in just 30 days. Since then, we have continued to refine the process, and have taught it to more than 40,000 people around the world, both journalists and complete amateurs, and the numbers keep growing! It works! As you will soon see, we have divided the training into a few short video lessons, which will enable you to go out and start shooting almost immediately. We have been producing video for more than 30 years now, creating hundreds of broadcast TV programs, and we use it in every shooting situation. We can guarantee that if you use The Michael Rosenblum 5-Shot Method™ and do nothing else, you will get perfect video every time. -Michael Rosenblum


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