Live Workshops

When you join VJ you don’t only get access to all the online video lessons on the website, you also have access to our live streaming video workshops and our library of past workshops. Our regular live seminars cover everything from shooting, to editing to storytelling. We also run sessions on creating your own video business and how to start and run your own TV channel and on equipment.

Our workshops are conducted by industry professionals with many years of experience in both creating and selling content as well as running successful production businesses. Our instructors are able to give you access to a wealth of information that you can’t find anywhere else online.

We do these workshops live because it enables us to connect with our members in real-time. The sessions are also interactive so you can ask questions about the subject and find answers to the things you need to know.

They are highly visual so you will see our instructors demonstrating different aspects of video production and showing you examples so you can learn quickly and easily.

We record each of our workshops so if you can’t see them live, as a member you will have access to our archive. Simply choose the subject you’re interested in and see all the previous workshops we’ve done and the ones you’d like to watch.

Why search endlessly for what you want to learn about video when at VJ everything is organized so it’s easy to find and makes learning enjoyable.