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Today, pretty much anyone can start and run their own TV channel. Really, all it takes is a YouTube Channel, an IGTV Channel, a Vimeo Channel or any one of a dozen or more other sites. The real trick is how to make money at it. Because if there’s no money, then you’re not really running a channel. You’re running a hobby Which is fine. But no one very bought dinner with a hobby. On Tuesday February 22, Michael Rosenblum will explain how to make REAL MONEY with your own TV Channel. He will be joined by Paul Harvey, who has done just that. This is not about advertising It’s not about subscriptions It’s about something MUCH more interesting And much more lucrative.

About Your Instructor

For more than 30 years, Michael had been deeply involved in the news industry. He has designed and built more than 20 television and cable news channels and networks around the world. He has worked with (and continues to work with) The BBC, Sky, Time/Warner, Verizon, Spectrum, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and many other TV and print news companies He was both the founder and the first President of New York Times Television, taking that paper into the world of online video long before any others. He was co-founder, along with former VP Al Gore of Current TV, the world’s first user-generated news channel.

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