No News Today — or tomorrow for that matter.

What TV News Could Be

What Is News? What Should it Be?

The Smartphone Audio Problem

Is Journalism at Its Breaking Point?

How To Save TV News & Why It’s Essential

It’s Never Too Late to Pick up a Camera

AI and Journalism — The Real Danger

1 Billion Videos Per Day on TikTok

What News Gets Wrong When Covering Climate Change

Meta Announces New Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

The iPhone 15 is Here

Streaming Content on the Rise

Chick-fil-A Getting into the Video Business

Hollywood Strike Means Big Opportunity for Video Creators

How To Save CNN

What Leonardo DaVinci Can Teach Us About Making Videos

Why The Titanic Continues To Fascinate Us

The Uber-ization of Content

What TV News Can Learn From Netflix

No News is Bad News

A Guide to Capturing Great Audio with Your Smartphone

Anyone Can Make Great Video

Some Advice for Tucker Carlson

iPhone 14: The Filmmaker’s Smartphone

Martin Scorsese & iPhone Filmmaking

Is Fox News the OxyContin of Journalism?

Fox News Lied — No One Cares

Where Is Everybody?

The Greatest Danger of AI — It’s Not What You Think…

A Very Different Way to Shoot Video with a Phone

He Who Controls The News Controls The Future

Why Most Documentaries Are Pretty Unwatchable

The Story of Harlem Live

The Netflix Curse – and the Cure

When Nazis Marched in Skokie

My Very Brief Career As A Hollywood Screenwriter

If You Want To Write…..The Best Advice for the Aspiring Writer

Elon Musk, Twitter & The Wild Ride

Why Elon Musk Is Like Thomas Edison (when it comes to Twitter)

It’s The Mediaverse, not the Metaverse

Why I Am A Free Press Purist

The Power of Storytelling

Is This Really Necessary?

Is Online Advertising A Waste of Money?

Hidden Talent

Don't Interview

It Is Written

Watch the iPhone Cinematic Mode in Action

New iPhone 13 Takes Cinematic Video Seriously

Why The Gabby Petito Story Grabs Our Attention

Storytelling Your Way To Success

The Remarkable Power of Storytelling

5G and the Smartphone Video Revolution

Submit Your Music Video to the Gorilla River Film Festival

Leica Launches its First Smartphone: The Leitz Phone 1

Elon Musk, SpaceX and TV News

iPhone 13 Details Start to Leak

The Age of Smartphone Cinema is Here

Making Live Streams People Want to Watch

What Is A TV Network?

The Secret To Great Storytelling - Hunters and Gatherers

BBC 4 Gets It Wrong

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Takes Smartphone Camera Systems to the Next Level

What the Bible Can Teach Us About Great Storytelling

Is the SONY XPERIA 1 II the Best Smartphone Video Camera?

Immigrants To the Virtual New World

What Are The Best Microphones for Smartphones

Jay Hurt Starts A Food Channel

Life in a Day 2020 Shows the Power of Smartphone Video

Apple Releases Short Film Shot Entirely on iPhone 12 Pro Max: 'Nian'

The Lesson Of Captain Tom

Filmic Remote Companion App for Filmic Pro

The Mevo Start Live Stream Camera

The DJI Osmo Mobile 4

Samsung to Announce New Phones for 2021

The Power of a Character in TV News

What Is News?

The Today Show Makes A Mess With iPhone Video

How To Make or Break an MMJ

The Last Picture Show

How To Make A Documentary - And How Not To

Think Before You Shoot

What The TV News Business Can Learn From The Collapse of a UK Retail Giant

What The Crown and The Queen's Gambit Can Teach Us About TV News

The Power of Video Storytelling Comes to High Fashion

Comparing the iPhone 12 Cameras

Some Great Advice on Shooting With an IPhone from Anthony Mirones

How To Shoot Someone Who Does Not Want To Be Identified

MMJs Doing Hard News

How Ellen Got Us Donald Trump As President

How To Do Sports With an iPhone

No Interviews!

Breaking Through The Clutter

Apple Announces iPhone 12

Listen To The Technology

Upcoming Live Virtual Workshops on

Back To The Future At NY1

Two Versions Of The Same Story

The BBC At Risk

What A Difference An Edit Makes

A Farmer Is Paralyzed But Keeps On Farming

A Mother Dedicates Her Life To Making Sure Her Blind Daughter Has A Secure Future

To Tell A Big Story, Tell A Small Story

Strange New World

A Single Mother Grapples With The Difficult Choice Of Sending Her Daughter Away In The Face of The Pandemic

How To Make A Non-Visual Story Visually Compelling

When TV News Becomes Fine Art

Characters Drive A Story

Using Editing To Convey An Emotion

The Uses of Nat Sound

When The MMJ Becomes A Filmmaker

The New Television Journalism

A Great Example of Storytelling

Opening Day At Dodger Stadium

Frenchy Famous - Casting is Everything.

A Very Personal Story

The End Of The New York Times?

The Blessing Box - Spectrum News 1 MMJ Rose Eilkor does a 1-day turn on an iPhone with great results

Multiple Locations Make For A Better Story

What Happens When The Chief Photographer Becomes an MMJ- and Starts To Work With an iPhone

The New University

How To Cover A Fire

Face To Face With A Critical Story

Local Newspapers Are Dying - But They Don't Have To

When The Cameraman or Woman Becomes an MMJ

iPhones yes. Tripods, no.

The Future of TV News

RIP Les Crystal

How To Make A Living With Your iPhone Video

Zooming Into The Future

Let The Story Breathe

Don't Destroy The VOA

Cookie Monster

Discovery Plunges Headlong Into The 1990's.

When The Anchor Becomes The MMJ

The Depths of Institutional Racism- A Small Story

Covid Drove Us To Zoom - We Are Never Going Back

When The Chief Photog Becomes An MMJ

A Beautiful Police Story

From Steve Jobs To George Floyd - A Direct Line

When A TV Anchor Picks Up A Phone

First Bootcamp Stories- Spectrum News 1 Texas

A Memorial Day Story In The Time of Covid

The Weather Person Unleashed

Stacy Rickard Shoots For The Cut - The Spectrum News 1 Texas MMJ shoots at nearly a 1:1 ratio. Perfect!

Re-Inventing Television News With Spectrum News 1

Why We Do This

The New Orleans Saints Go To Hybrid Video - THIS TIME WITH THE VIDEO!

Covid-19 Plants The Seeds Of A New Kind of Television News

Remember HQ Trivia ? Well, He's Back

Brian Steves Conquers The World

The Travel Business Goes Virtual

Great Tips For Safe Reporting - Part 5

A Whole New Way To Make TV Shows

Great Tips for Safe Reporting - Part 4

Great Tips for Safe Reporting - Part 3

Great Tips for Safe Video Reporting - Part 2

Great Tips For Safe Video Reporting - Part 1

Teaching People To Tell Their Own Stories In Video

Spectrum News 1 Is Hiring MMJs! Lots of them.

A Spectrum News 1 alum takes his skills to another job

An MMJ's Covid-19 Test - A Personal Story

Stop Covering Press Conferences As Though They Are News - They Aren't

Quibi- Or How To Flush $2 Billion Down The Drain

Shooting Safely In The News Business

Newspapers Start To Look and Feel More Like TV Shows

A Bootcamp Grad Turns To Food Videos During Quarantine

How To Shoot Safe In The Time of Covid-19

Stephenie Hollyman - A VJ's Journey

A Really SImple $* work around to allow you to connect a radio mic to an iPhone

Let's Talk About Remote Interviews

Corona Virus Is Killing Newspapers

A New Way To Do Video News In The Era of COVID

A Lesson In How To Do A Safe, Yet Compelling Video Story In The Time of Covid.

Justice Beverly- Took One Of Our Bootcamps At The Age of 10. Now He's A Filmmaker!

Participatory Television?

Hey, Joe Biden - Wake Up!!

The Post Corona World

My Interview With Frank Morano 970-AM The Answer

How To Do Journalism In The Time of Corona

Plenty To Fear

No Lights!

We Change Lives

A Different Kind Of Biden Story

An MMJ's Progress

When Newspapers Go To Video

Daryn Kagan Makes A Business Out of Video

Driving Down Shooting Ratios

Spectrum1 Ohio MMJ Tonisha Johnson moves from crews to iPhone

Opportunity Missed

Sandi Bachom Covers The News

Itay Hod, Bootcamp Grad Wins Major Journalism Award

A Bootcamp Grad Goes To China

Spectrum1 MMJ Tanya McRae covers the Pan African Film Festival

Why Shooting News on an iPhone is Different

Bringing Depth To Your Characters

Can MMJs Do Serious Investigative Stories?

One of The Greatest Advantages Of Working With An iPhone

One Day Turn on an iPhone - Molly Martinez, Spectrum1 Ohio

What Is Digital Journalism?

Adding Depth To Your Character

Have iPhone, Will Travel

An UBER for Video

Job of a Lifetime For A Grad

Ending Any Question of iPhone Video Quality

Meet Andrew Fletcher

Taking Television Journalism To A Whole New Place

Don't Try This At Home

Bringing Authorship To TV News

Using Video To Speak Truth To Power

From Good to Great

Where We Can Go Now With TV News

No Stand Ups

Storytelling is 44,000 Years Old

Is ABC News Teaching Its Reporters And Anchors To Shoot With iPhones?

The Power of Media - When Mary Kate Trumps The President of France

You Will Pardon Me, BBC, But I Have To Laugh... or Cry

The New G2 Smartphone Video Grip from Shoulderpod

John Wick Director Teams Up with Apple for Latest Shot on iPhone Commercial

Local Newspapers Don't Have To Die

Juliana Broste, one of our most successful VJ Alumni

Nat Geo Photographer and Bootcamp Grad Bob Krist solves an age old problem

How To Tell An Alzheimer's Story for Local News

The Netflix Effect On Advertising

Report from Spectrum1 Milwaukee

The Importance of Character-Driven Stories

A $300 Million Lesson In What Not To Do With Storytelling - from Apple

Report From Spectrum1 Storytelling Bootcamp / Columbus, Ohio

That Tik Tok You Hear May Be The Death Knell of Civilization

The New World of Streaming Video

Sailing Off To A Better Life With Video

When Technology Trumps Rights

The Unintended Irony of CBS Sunday Morning

BORING is the Bubonic Plague of the digital world.

Spectrum1 (Los Angeles) MMJ Itay Hod's report on addiction and redeption

Coach Hayashida's Fight For Survival

Is Twitch The Future of Television?

Should I Get An iPhone 11?

The Other Downton Abbey

What Is The Matter With NBC News?

Why No One Cares About Extinction

The Power of Video -

What Makes A Great Story?

An Interesting Exchange Between Phillip Bromwell and JD Carrere on Facebook

JD Carrere, MMJ at Spectrum1 and a Bootcamp Grad

Report from Oxford Video Summer School

The Apparently Amazing Galaxy 10 for Video

Your Own TV Channel - Part 2 - The Money

Want To Have Your Own TV Channel?

Every Film and TV Show Shot on an iPhone

Report from Hong Kong by World Class VJ Raul Gallego Abellan

Spectrum1 is Re-Inventing Local TV News

Run Your Own TV Channel

RIP Matt Gould

A Man And A Woman And An iPhone

Samsung Galaxy 10 - How Many Phones Do You Need?

How To Start Your Own TV Channel and other stuff...

The Birth of Organic Media

Working With Malik Spellman

Next Up - TikTok Phones

A Somalian Refugee Returns To His Country to Open a School - we offer video literacy.

If You Are On Instagram, You May Not Like This

Video Journalists At The New York Times

Producer's Bootcamp With Archant

Live From The Moon

YouTube Tells Me The Earth Is Flat

Real Life Police Drama

We Are Never Going Back To The Moon

Vertical Video Syndrome

Report from BFBS Video Bootcamp

What Local TV News Does Not Get

How To Tell A Great Story

Where The Video Jobs Are

Where Does Storytelling Come From?

Where Are The Video Jobs?

Random House Lists The Kinds Of Pencils Novels Must Be Written With

Food Porn

What Happens When a 57-Year Old Anchor, Who Has Never Touched a Camera Takes The Bootcamp?

Itay Hod's Bootcamp Video

Daryn Kagan's Video Life After CNN

Tom Moran's First VJ Piece in Bootcamp

The Secret To Great Storytelling

Lessons In Storytelling From Kurt Vonnegut

A Yachtsman's Guide To Making A Living With Video

Next Generation Television

Our Interactive Experiment Was A Big Success

And Now, The Hillary Clinton Show

An Interesting Experiment for TheVJ

Tim Young Does An Amazing Job With A Phone

Faked Pelosi Video - So What?

Julian Assange, Nazis in Skokie and The First Amendment

What's In Your Wallet?

Cal Thomson - British Filmmaker

And Now - YouTube Camp

For Great Video Storytelling, Lose The Pencil and Paper

What Is The Next Piece of Tech To Go?

9 Rides - A Feature Film About Uber Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Stanley Kubrick's First Film

What Is The Future of Film?

Who Is Brad Holcman And Why Is He Suddenly A Star?

Why Would You Trust A YouTube "Influencer"?

Is Video Art? Can It Be?

I Have Made Millions Running A 99% Failure Rate in The Video Business- You Can Too!

Today's Cutting Edge Technology Is Tomorrow's Junk

Columbus Did Not Think The Earth Was Round

Bad Vibrations - The Great Unbundling

Rewinding To The Future

The Factory and The iPhone

A Napster For Video?

Grow Your Own Media

Ukraine Elects A TV Star As President

Leica v. China - The Power Of Video and of Images

How To Monetize Your Video

Pencils Down

A Very Different Kind of Storytelling

The Pocket Watch and Facebook Watch

How Columbus' Son Invented The Internet

My Search For The World's Cheapest Smartphone

Junk Food Media

David Hoffman- Film Maker

Why We Are Never Going Back To The Moon

VJ Heroes - Juliana Broste at NAB

It's The Storytelling, Stupid

What Happens When There Is No Local News?

Don't Like What's On The News - Make Your Own

The Evil In Video

If This Doesn't Convince You That Smartphones Can Do Anything... Nothing Will

The Extraordinary Implications of 5G

The Apple TV Show

Can You Censor the New Zealand Shooter's Live Video?

How To Get A Job In The Media

How The Central African Republic Could Use Video To Conquer The World

An Experiment in Slow Video

Dead Cable Walking

Michael Interview on Leonard Lopate

How To Weaponize Social Media

Is Shooting A 1:1 Ratio Possible?

Why Peloton Is The Future of Broadcasting

The Implications of 5G - Part II

Peloton Is Worth $4 Billion - And What Does That Have To Do With Us

Video Lessons From Henry V

How To Bring Real Intimacy To Your Video

Galaxy Phone - Got To Know When To Fold 'em

Using Video To Get A Job

5G Is Coming - What Does It Mean For Us

Why Is TV News (generally) So Terrible?

Is The Earth Flat?

Did The Media Lose The War in Vietnam?

The 60 Year Challenge

Peter Jackson: They Shall Not Grow Old

Has YouTube Killed Cable?

Ready For Tik Tok

Saudi Arabia, Oil and TheVJ

High Flying Bird - Soderbergh's Netflix Film - All Shot on an iPhone 8

What Has Kendall Jenner Got That You Don't Got?

A New Model For Digital Journalism?

Why We Do What We Do

Going Podcast

What I Learned At Camp

Suppose Martin Luther King had Instagram

Organic Media?

High Tech / High Touch

How Kodak Went From Industry Leader To Bankruptcy

Reality TV and Politics Are Now One In The Same

Beyond Selfies - What Is Social Media Really Good For?

L-16 Goes Video

Harvard Business School professor: Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years

The Currency of Likes and Followers

How To Make Video Journalism Compelling - Steal From Hollywood

The Trouble At The BBC

Useless Inventions THE Hot New Video in China

Create Your Own Soundtrack Just By Humming

You Got To Know When To Fold ‘Em

Can You Shoot a 1:1 Ratio?

The Biggest VJ (MoJo, MMJ) TV Station in the World - Spectrum 1 - LA

How The iPhone Wiped Out An Industry

5 Reasons To Use A Smartphone For Video

As Went Newspapers, So Too Shall TV Go

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

iPhone Video Wins Turner Prize

Where Is All The Video?

Mic Drop

DJI Releases New Handheld Gimbal: Osmo Pocket

Facebook Moves Into the Local News Space

ABC News Goes Localish

Trump Calls For A Government TV Network

The World Before Your Feet


Using Video For Social Good

One Hour That Changed My Life Forever

Good Bye Dan Rather

When Seeing Is No Longer Believing

Teaching The Tourists To Shoot

Why Video Works To Sell Your Product

Trump Is Our First Television President

Five Great Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Business

Spindletop: Where the Black Gold of TV and Video is Buried

The Day We Fell In Love With Television

NAB Show NYC Shows the Problem with Broadcast

YouTube Pours Money Into Educational Videos

Adobe Releases New Smartphone Editing App: Project Rush

We Made Blogspot's TOP TEN BLOGS!

Using Modern Media For The Common Good

Conquering Your Fear of Editing

When AI and Video Meet - What Happens? $$$$

Apple To Give Away $1 Billion In Free Original TV Programming

How To Start And Run Your Own TV Channel

Man With A Movie Camera

Submissions Open for the Mobile Motion Film Festival

Video Is A Langauge

Television - The World's Most Wasteful Industry?

GoPro Announces New HERO7 Model

Should You Buy A New iPhone?

Inventing A New Kind Of Local News in Los Angeles

The Vlogging Minimalist, Just What Are Your Equipment Needs?

Apple Announces Three New iPhone Models

Building The World's Largest All VJ (or MMJ or MoJo) TV Station in Los Angeles

FiLMiC Inc. and ZHIYUN Team up on Smartphone Gimbal

Go Mic Mobile from Samson

The Importance of Self-Promotion

SoCal-1 - Bootcamp - Week 1

Vimeo Stock Will Pay You for Your Footage

Sundance and Adobe Launch Short Film Challenge for Young Video Producers

Facebook Takes Aim At YouTube... and TV

The astonishing XF IQ4 150MP Camera System

Huawei Giving Apple a Run for Its Money in Global Sales

Is Apple Launching A New iPhone

Great Film Festivals for Young Filmmakers

SPINDLETOP - The World's Biggest Oil Find in Texas & The Video Revolution

Submit Your Video to the Mobile Motion Film Festival in Zurich

Henry Ford and the iPhone

Get Paid for Your Videos with Pear Video

Adobe Announces New Video Editing App: Project Rush

Zoom F1 Field Recorder

Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

DJI Mavic Air Drone

Rode iPhone Interview Kit

Sennheiser Memory Mic

My Interview with Michael Brook

Adults Now Spend 6 Hours A Day Watching Video

And Now.... Walmart TV

When You Had To Think

Top 5 Tips for Editing on Your Smartphone

Ready for Alexa TV?

A Different Way To Do Journalism

Our Guide to the Best Accessories for Filming With Your Smartphone

NFL Live Content Correspondent Program

iPhones and Cotton Mills

5 Common Editing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It's All About The Images

Peak Screen Time!

We Cut The Cable

How to Break Into The Video Business and Make a Living

Which Editing Software is the Best?

Rav Vadgama - The MOST Professional VJ in the world?

What Does The ATT/Time Warner Merger Mean For Us - the video makers?

"Today Any Hotshot With A Camera And A Facebook Page Can Be A Media Company."

How Craig Newmark Changed The World

The #1 Mistake You’re Making With Your Videos

Is Hollywood Going To Go iPhone? Courtesy - Francesco Facchini

Anthony Bourdain Changed Many Lives

The Video Lifestyle

Money With Online Video? Beauty Vlogging May Be The Way To Go

Instagram Goes To Long Form Video

The Video Paradox

New on This Week: Placing Objects in Front of Text in FCP X

Where News Fails

Is J-School Worth It?

The BBC Goes to iPhone Video - sort of

We Test a $2 Microphone

Two New Smart Phones For Video

The Incredible Healing Power of Video

Airbnb Goes To Video

Equipment: The Verge Gets Their Hands on RED's Hydrogen One

Watch Out For Those Video Rights!

There's A Big Storm Headed For Facebook Videos

A Lesson in Shooting Video From The Maasai of Kenya

The Xiomi M1 A1 - A Good Budget Option for Video? by Florian Reichart

Huawei Launches New Video Phone

Television In Decline

Equipment: Lenovo Teases All Screen Phone

Is ESPN Finished? How about NBC Sports?

Is VR a Lot of Crap? Or Is It Just My Imagination?

Nietzsche And The Typewriter and Virtual Reality

Equipment: Olloclip Lens Kit for iPhone X

Merle Braley's Tiny House & Network TV

What Makes a Great Video Editor

The System- Part I - How To Produce Videos Faster, Better and More Efficiently

Now, THIS is a Real Phone!

LumaFusion Special Effects: Green Screen

The Museum At The End of the World

If There's No Money, There's No Journalism

Equipment: Sennheiser Memory Mic for Smartphones

Moving from 'Learning" to "Earning"

Using A TelePrompter or Autocue & Mobile Video

Now We Are All Film Makers

Beyond Amazon

Shooting With The Light L-16

One World Film Contest from Filmic Pro

What Sailing Can Teach You About Storytelling

Equipment: Vimeo App for MacOS

Equipment: iMac Pro Made for Creative Professionals

How to Find Great Video Stories

Apple's New iMac Pro for Professional Video Editing (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Testing a $35 iPhone Zoom Lens Attachment vs. $7K DSLR Kit

Live Streaming Shopping in China (Video News in 60 Seconds)

How to Create a Stunning Editing Demo Reel

New Captioning Tool for Final Cut Pro X (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Cameras Just Keep Getting Smaller & Smaller (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Equipment: New Smartphone Camera Prototype from Canon

RED's New Smartphone for Professional Video (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Tinder Video? (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Making a Living as a Freelance Editor

New Drone That Flies Itself (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Working with the UNHCR

New App to Create Your Own Talk Show (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Working With the Light L-16

GoPro's New $200 Hero

Win $1,000,000 in My Rode Reel Film Competition (Video News in 60 Seconds)

He Sued With His Boots On

Comprehensive Resource for Careers in TV

Shooting The Paris - Dakar Rally With a Phone

Journalists Cover Dakar Rally with Just iPhones (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Picture in Picture Coming to YouTube (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Living The Travel Journalist's Dream

Filmic Pro: The Best Shooting App for Smartphones

Chinese Phone Rivals Samsung, Google, and Apple (Video News in 60 Seconds)

5 Tips for a Perfect Timelapse

The Price of Heroin

12 New Series from Apple (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Now Alexa Raps

The Future of Digital Video Advertising (Video News in 60 Seconds)

iPhone Video

The PV (Personal Video) Revolution

Robots & Cameras (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Watch This!

Facebook's Video Problem (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Gear Kit for the Traveling VJ


Apple Commits $1 Billion to Original Content

The Pope, Brooklyn, & The Law of Unintended Consequences on Fox News

How To Build A For-Profit Hyperlocal TV Station

Russ Solomon, Founder of Tower Records is Dead at 92

Freaking Out Over Fake Videos

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming to Video and Filmmaking?

French Internet Phenom Wil Amie Runs Serialized Murder Mystery Series Online

Guns n' iPhones

Some Mind Boggling Stats About Video 2017

James Bond's Video Lesson For Today

Chima Nwankwo, MoJo in Nigeria Has A Question

Why Perfect Video is Essential - every time

The Fast Changing World of The Video Market

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Video Producers

The Changing Landscape of What Used To Be Television

Affordable 8K Cameras? RED & Foxconn Are Working On It

Tech Review: The L-16

The Era of Text is Over - We Are Now In The Era of Video

A Profit Model for 21st Century Journalism

Bold Graphic Trends for 2018

Is Mobile Journalism Dead? Or is The BBC?

“Rights” And Wrongs When Creating Video

Learn to Create Amazing Special Effects in Final Cut Pro X

Nora O'Donnell on CBS This Morning Does Not Seem To Get It When It Comes to Facebook

Will Smith Made A Movie on Instagram

Why Cable TV Is Dead

It's The Last Episode of Crunch Report

4 Amazing In-Camera Transitions You Can Do

Jeremy Curl - VJ Grad and Adventure Filmmaker

Are Smartphones The Future of TV News? Is Western Union the Future of Media?

Casey Neistat, CNN, YouTube & ....Thomas Edison

HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand

Big Changes at Facebook

The Video Phone - 1955

End of the Viral Video Era?

Filmmaking Advice from Casey Neistat

Why We Are All Journalists Now

If You Had Any Questions About The Ubiquity of Smart Phone Video

How To Make A Living With Mojo

Political Documentary Banned by the Indian Government Gets US Release

Equipment: Roland R-07 Audio Recorder

Video 2.0

Equipment: My Passport Wireless SSD

Is CNN The Last Vestige of The Soviet Union?

When Is A Network Not A Network?

NBC to Live Stream Olympics in VR

GoPro on the Ropes

New on LumaFusion

Micro Media

Uber For Journalism

Hyper-Local TV and For Profit Video For You

Equipment: TwoEyes VR Camera

Reflections on Russia - Размышления о России

Equipment: Keep Your SD Cards Safe and Handy with Memistore

New Year's Resolutions for Video Producers

2017 Video News Year in Review

New Kickstarter Feature 'Drip,' is Perfect for Video Producers

Facebook and Universal Music Group Announce Major Global Licensing Agreement

BKTV And The Rise of Hyperlocal

Former Student Jessica Mayberry: One Death, Three Stories About Sickness and Starvation in Jharkhand

Economist Shifts Video Focus from Facebook to YouTube

Journalism CAN Make Money

Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Apple Launches Final Cut Pro X VR Update

We Launch A New Kind Of TV Network

Holiday Gift Guide: Rylo 360 Camera

Equipment: Velapp Edits Video as You Shoot it

Canon Releases New "Prosumer" Video Cameras - But Why?

Holiday Gift Guide: Freefly Movi Smartphone Stabilizing Gimbal

Holiday Gift Guide: Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit

Tips for Photographers Going to Video

Today Show Ratings Up After Lauer Leaves

Holiday Gift Guide: Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

How The Media Stole An Election

Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Accessory Starter Kit from Lifelimit

Best Video Smartphone Apps for Cinematography

What Can You Do With Your Old Smartphone?

Holiday Gift Guide: Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera Backpack

Android Creator Launches New Phone The Essential Phone: Review

How To Shoot Perfect Video Every Time

Holiday Gift Guide: DJI Spark Drone

The Information Desert

New on VJ: Apple iPhone X Video Features

Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Hero6

Connect Two Mics to Your DSLR

Holiday Gift Guide: Pixel 2

We Launch Man Up TV

Connect Any Wireless Microphone to Your Smartphone

Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone X

You Tube Launches "Reels"

Holiday Gift Guide: GorillaPod Flexible Tripod from JOBY

Holiday Gift Guide: Zhiyun Smooth III Smartphone Stabilizer

Not All Phone Chargers Are The Same

Holiday Gift Guide: MAVIS - Pro Camera App

Some Advice for First-Time Filmmakers

Rice Farmer TV

Education Is Ready For Digital Disruption

Facebook Launches New Creator App for Video Producers

New Course on VJ: Apple Clips

One Hour That Changed My Life

HeyMic! Bluetooth Microphone for Smartphones

A Clothing Store Launches Its Own TV Network

Why Cable Is Doomed

Amazing Cinematic Video Shot on iPhone X

Taking Control of the Media

Time Magazine To Be Sold

Equipment: SMOVE Smartphone Stabilizer Why Mobile Will Dominate Journalism by 2020

NY Times: How to Use Social Media in Your Career

The GoPro That Survived Lava

Journalists Who Hate A Free Press

DIY Cinema Camera Kit for Less than $250

Is Journalism School A Total Waste of Money?

8 DIY Camera Hacks with Cardboard

iPhone X vs. DSLR

Can iPhone Video Do Everything?

13-Year-Old Produces Amazing Short Film

Who Needs Ad Agencies?

Equipment: Insta360 One Camera - Photography & Video in a Whole New Way!

How to Get 16mm Look with a DSLR

Why Documentaries Are So Terrible

Quick Tips to Produce Better Videos

iPhone Video Is More Powerful Than The Sword

Equipment: VeeR Editor App

Equipment: Rylo 360-Degree Camera

What Gizmodo Gets Wrong About iPhone Video

Today Is The 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Geoffrey Roth - Television Revolutionary

Go Live with Another Person on Instagram

The Man Who Mistook His Eye For A Camera

The Other Da Vinci Code

Equipment: Share Videos and Get Feedback for Free with ScreeningRoom

Equipment: The L16 Camera from Light Has 16 Lenses

5 Tips for DSLR Beginners

A Reality TV Star Wants To Produce

Facebook to Launch Multi-Camera Production Interface for Live Video

The New York Times Wants to Hire a Journalist to Travel the World

Professional Video in Just Four Days

Listen to Any Radio Station in the World

Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Meetup with VJ: How to Make Money with Your Videos

Apple Kills Weinstein Deal - Good and Oy!

VJ Sandi Bachom Finalist for Ron Kovic Peace Prize in Video

Equipment: Casio GZE-1 Action Camera

The 25 Theses for Media

Kids, Get Your Money Back!

Equipment: Simplify Transferring Media with Gnarbox

Equipment: DJI Releases Most Cinematic Drone Camera: The Zenmuse X7

Where are The Nowhere Men Now?

The Mirrorless Hasselblad XD1

The 40 Minute Film School Report

5 Tips for Better Audio

The Basic Filmmaker's Checklist

Is Journalism Elitist?

Amazing Example of iPhone Video

Apple Takes Another Bite At The TV Business

How To Be A Writer

How Google Designed the Pixel 2's Camera

How to Save Newspapers & Magazines

13 Editing Techniques and When to Use Them

Rolling Stone - For Sale & Pivoting To Video

Want to make a TV series? Keep These 5 Principles in Mind

Google Announces New Pixel 2 Smartphone

Al Gore, Anthony Scaramucci & Me

5 Best 50mm Lenses for Under $100

Napoleon and The News

The End of the Remote Control?

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

Irish Times: New Media Start Up Neva Labs Wants to be the Netflix for News

What to Expect When Trying to Sell a TV Show

5 Tips for Shooting Video with Drones

LumaFusion Video Editing App for iPad and iPhone

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Amazon Launching Home Makeover Show Featuring YouTube Stars and Designed to Sell Products

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NBC News Launches "Stay Tuned" Daily Snapchat Newscast

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Congratulation Bob Krist on awards for Visit Bucks County Videos

Michel Gondry Shot a Short Film Entirely on an iPhone 7

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BBC Program Uses Smartphones to Expose Animal Cruelty World-Wide

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Videos of the Week: June 26-30, 2017

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Apple's First Original TV Show Flops

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Videos of the Week: June 19-23, 2017

Polishing A Rusty Knife

WhatsApp Becoming A Major Source for News Media

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Time Warner Signs Deal to Develop Shows for Snapchat

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Casey Neistat Is Launching a Daily News Show

From DV DOJO To Political Ads

Equipment: Arsenal - the 'Intelligent Camera Assistant'

Film School - Ripe for Digital Disruption

Bill O'Reilly Coming Back to TV

Two Photographers Use .03-MP Toy Cameras & Their Shots Will Amaze You

Rise of the Robots

NBC Launches New Digital Storytelling Operation: NBC Left Field

Equipment: Vufine+ Wearable Video Display

How Stephen Spielberg Got His Start

NiemanReports: Venezuela’s Independent Digital Media Filling the Gaps

Video of the Day: Museum of Failure

How TV News WAS Made

ShareGrid Equipment Rental

Scholarships for Young Filmmakers of Color

Facebook Announces Real-Time Captions for Facebook Live

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Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

Freelancers Union App

Camcorder or DSLR?

Video of the Day: Save the Skateboard!

D'Alembert, Diderot & YouTube

Why Does TV News Still Need a Studio?

Video of the Day: Day in the Life of an NYC Street Vendor

Fashion - The Last Frontier?

A Beginner's Guide to Learning about Lenses

#MyNameIs Short Documentary Competition

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Amazing App for Smartphone Video Journalism: ViMoJo

TV News Storytellers: Joe Little on when to use a stick mic

BBC Producer Shoots 60 Minute Doc Only on Smartphone - by Brett Savaglio

Video of the Day: Car Climbs a Cliff

My RØDE Reel: World's Largest Short Film Competition

Person Travels the World Recording Ambient Sounds and Sound Effects for You to Use Free

Live U Backpack Changing the Way We Think of Broadcast -by Brett Savaglio


DJI and SkyPixel's Aerial Video Contest

The Importance of Audio

VJ... NFL Star... and... Jamaica Olympic Bobsled Team???? YES!

Video of the Day: Failed McDonald's Prank

Let's Make a TV Show

Making Money from Travel Videos: Sponsors and Partnerships

Video of the Day: Inside a $25m TV Broadcast Truck

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Apple's New Site Teaches You iPhone 7 Photo Tricks

Video of the Day: Students Celebrate End of Year with Paper Waterfall

How Video is Changing the News in the Czech Republic

Video of the Day: The $30 Hotdog?

What Television & Video Journalism COULD Be.

Taking Video & TV News To The Next Level

Reuters: Facebook Signs Deal With BuzzFeed, VOX & Others For Original Content

When People Disagree....

Video of the Day: Crosswalk Revenge

Look Me In The Eye When You Say That

DJI Puts New Restrictions On Registered Drones

Two Homeless Men Caught On Video Helping Manchester Victims, Now People Are Helping Them

Critiquing The Editor of The Edinburgh Reporter

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Manchester Horror: The Ubiquity of Phone Video

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Joe Little: Why You Should Always Use A Lav Mic

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The 68 Year Old Grandmother Who Is Making A Fortune With Video

FCC Changes Rule to Shape Local News Future

Video of the Day: Impressions: Copenhagen (Water) CBC Shifting Focus to Digital First

Video of the Day: Classical Piano Dr. Dre Mashup in Compton

VJ Spotlight: Miguel Berg -- Our Grad Goes to Hollywood

Video of the Day: Robert it Goes Down!

VIDEO: Avoid Shaky Footage

Video of the Day: Coolest Kid in the Bounce House

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Television in the 16th Century

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What is that Cinematic look?

Is Journalism Dead? (Michael's MoJoCon 2017 Talk)

The Importance of Motion

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The Blast: 7 Essential Effects Plugins for Final Cut Pro

Mother Jones: This Guerrilla Media Outfit Goes Where Many Journalists Fear to Tread—on a Shoestring

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RTE: Michael Rosenblum at MoJocon - "The media has killed itself"

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The Hindenburg Disaster

Michael's MoJoCon Talk Written Up in Italian WIRED

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NASA Launches Short Film Competition Using Their Space Footage

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Why 2017 Won't Be 1984... Maybe

Rav Vadgama, Video Journalist

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The Sandi Bachom Show

Video of the Day: Grandma Big Shot

Daily Mail: Marketing Graduate Turns Language Tutor to Become a Huge YouTube Star

Video of the Day: The Salmon Cannon

Bloomberg: Retailers Are Going Bankrupt at a Record Pace

Fresco News App Changing the Way Local News is Covered


Video of the Day: Bowler Ben Ketola Rolls Perfect 300 in 86.9 Seconds

How Journalism Committed Suicide

A Successful Grad Is Expanding His Video Business

Video of the Day: How to put on a sweater without disturbing your cat

Video of the Day: Crossing the Street at the Boston Marathon

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Let the Story Goes Where It Wants To Go

TV News Check: Quincy Media To Buy 200 JVC Camcorders For Newsgathering

Video of the Day: The Bank of Cheese

Forbes: How United Became The World's Most Hated Airline In One Day

Video of the Day: Furless Tickle Me Elmo

Video of the Day: Senior Prank Done Right

United Airlines & You

Video of the Day: Illegal Underground Drum and Bass Rave

Picasso Pitches a Painting

Video of the Day: Shark Surfer

United Airlines Is On TV! (and not in a good way)

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Video and Weight Loss

Video of the Day: Taiwan Frisbee Trick Shots

A Great Moment in Live Morning TV

Zoe And Tobi Go To Cannes

Video of the Day: Drone Parkour

Video: 5 Ways to Get the Hollywood Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

New Gear: Samsung Galaxy S8

Video of the Day: Hiking the Great Wall of China with my Dog

The Disposable Society & My MacBook Pro

Video of the Day: How to Open Velcro Without People Hearing It

Video of the Day: Making Records at Record Industry

Facebook Live 360 Now Available World-Wide

Video of the Day: SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing

If You Didn't Shoot It, It Didn't Happen

Video of the Day: Father Daughter Flight

Premium Beat: The Most Popular Cameras of SXSW


Video of the Day: Middle School Basketball Trick

Video of the Day: Guy Takes Cargo Ship from Portugal to Miami

New Gear: MicRig

Apple Announces New Video Editing App Clips

Report from New York Drone Film Festival

As Goes Print... So Goes Video

Video of the Day: Lizard Waves Back

London Keeps Calm & Carries On

Video of the Day: Woman Eats Turkey Slice in Seconds

Video of the Day: Cucumber Rap


Webinar: How to Start Your Own TV Channel

Video of the Day: Playing Strauss with a Glock

Contest: Adobe's “MAKE THE CUT”

How Long Should Your Facebook Videos Be?

Video of the Day: Turkey Breaks Up Chicken Fight

Video of the Day: John Lennon and Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode

Video of the Day: Droids Interrupt Darth Vader Interview [Parody of Children Interrupt BBC Interview]

Video of the Day: Amtrak Snow-mo Collision (w/ snow)

Daily Mail: New Case Lets You Have Both iPhone and Android

Video of the Day: Virtual Reality on a Budget

You Can Stream SXSW Shorts and Music Videos Now

Video of the Day: Korea's First Family of Candy

Zeiss iPhone Lenses Review Journalism in the Next 10 Years

Video of the Day: Breaking Bad - The Movie

EVENT: How to Capture Your Adventures on Camera with TravelingJules

More People in US Have Netflix than DVR

New York Times: Snap Makes a Bet on the Cultural Supremacy of the Camera

Test Flight of the Mavic Drone

Video of the Day: Gymnastics On Edge Of Building

Vimeo Introduces 360 Video

Video of the Day: Jetpack Skiing!

Start Your Own TV Network (before someone else does)

Video(s) of the Day: Racing the Tube

Introducing CNN VR

How Much Gear Should You Take?

Video of the Day: Student Juggles To Prove He's Sober During Traffic Stop

First Look - Zeiss Professional Lenses for iPhone

Warning to Gear Manufacturers

Video of the Day: Earthships

The Printing Press & The iPhone

A Phenomenal New Opportunity for VJs.

Video of the Day: Handle the Robot

What MMJs Are Missing

Video of the Day: That moment you realize "The Beatles" is a pun

New Gear: Leica Teams Up With Huwei for Amazing New Phone

BBC: Sony launches slow-mo Xperia XZ Premium phone

Facebook Live: Donald Trump & Martin Luther

CNBC: YouTube Announces YouTubeTV

ADWEEK: Vulture is Coming to Snapchat

Video of the Day: Cave Diving

Video of the Day: Would You Eat This?

Live Seminar: The iPhone Video Revolution

Could This be the TV Station of the Future?

Video of the Day: Cross Country (almost) Fail

No Film School: Vimeo Introduces Adobe Premiere Pro CC Integration

ADWEEK: Instagram Post Can Now Contain Up to 10 Photos and Videos

Video of the Day: Rock the Gayageum

FTVLive: The Dying Breed of the TV News Photographer

Video of the Day: Hang-Glider Boat

ADWEEK: NBC News Digital Hiring Spree Continues 10 Facebook Live tips from the Hindustan Times

New York Times: Photojournalism’s Uncertain Future? She Begs to Differ.

How iPhone Video Can Look

Video of the Day: Metalheads Write a Pop Song

Video Essay: David Fincher & the Craft of Music Videos

Video of the Day: Bird Sings Rihanna

Why iPhones Are A Game Changer For the News Business

Video of the Day: Octopus vs. Crab

Report from Brussels Bootcamp

Have Traditional Cameras Met Their Waterloo?

I Will Go To The White House And Train Their Video Staff For Free

Facebook Announces Standalone Video App TV

Live Report from Brussels Training

Live Seminar Next Week: The iPhone Revolution - are cameras dead?

The Smartphone Video Revolution

Video of the Day: The Republic of Molossia

Video of the Day: Valentine's Day Brownies - You Suck at Cooking

BFBS Bootcamp Student Profile: Chris Pearson

Video: 10 Tips for Shooting Slow Motion

Unlimited Data Back as Mobile Video Continues to Explode

Video of the Day: Chicken Plays America the Beautiful

Gear: Special Education Discount on Apple Bundle

DoddleNews: Adobe Premiere Pro Has Huge Presence at Sundance 2017

Video of the day: The Devil Went Down To Georgia White Trash Washing Machine Cover

No Film School: Filming a Protest? 6 Tips to Capture the Action

American Muslim Story

Variety: Live Mobile Video Traffic to Grow 39-Fold in Next Five Years

Video of the Day: Chops Sawyer

New Gear: Live Streaming Equipment from Blackmagic

Gear: GoPro Karma Drone Is Back

Video of the Day: The Loch Ness Watchman

Michael Speaking at MoJoCon 2017

Summit.Live - The Live Streaming Conference

Video: Report from BFBS - How iPhone Video Could Change TV News

Video: Live Streaming Demo at BFBS Training

Video of the Day: Kayaker Goes Down Waterfall With LED Lights

Bootcamp Student Profile: Ernest Landante

Video of the Day: Super Bowl LI Halftime Time-Lapse

Video of the Day: Cat Attacks Mailman Through Mail Slot

PROFILE OF A VJ: Sandi Bachom - Telling Jokes in Auschwitz

VJ Gear: KitSplit Buys CameraLends

Video of the Day: Cooking Shrimp in 3 Seconds

VJ Video: How to Price Yourself

VJ Gear: Ice Light

The Guardian: Rise of The Invisible Computer

Report from Day 4 of Bootcamp

Video of the Day: Fingers of Steel

Why Was The Machine Gun Like the iPhone?

Video of the Day: Crankin' Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar!

Interview w/ Michael on the Future of News

Video of the Day: In Case Your Metronome Breaks...

Video: 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Lenses

Video of the Day: Big Mouth Billy Bass + Alexa = Genius

VJs Cover Women's March Around the World

Video of the Day: How to deal with slow drivers! ROADRAGE!

NoFilmSchool: Why Sundance 2017 is Poised to be a Breakthrough Year for VR

Joe Little, one of our past trainees wins an NPPA Award for Best Video Journalism

Video of the Day: Marc Marquez - MotoGP Snow Ride - Extended Version

Video of the Day: Don't Stop the Beat

New Gear: Cinemartin 7" Full HD Monitor for Just $99

DoddleNews: FiLMiC Pro To Add Log Recording In 4K To The iPhone

New Gear: SanDisk iXpand Flashdrive for iPhone

Video of the Day: Young Thug - Wyclef Jean

NiemanLab: Washington Post's Big Bet On Video

Video of the Day: The Voice of Mario

GearEye: The Gear Management System

Washington Post Expands Video Operation

Video of the Day: What did Old Norse Sound Like?

New Gear: Steadicam Volt for Smartphones

Video of the Day: Skiing Double Backflip

Nikon Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary with Video

RTDNA: Tips to help TV journalists maximize Facebook Live

Video of the Day: The Snow Guardian

Video of the Day: 100mph RC Car in Slow Motion - 4K

iPhone Turns 10!

DoddleNews: Did DJI Buy Hasselblad? Hacks, tips and tricks for mobile journalists

Video of the Day: A Boy and His Best Friend

Video of the Day: The Little-Known Patterns on British Streets

Washington Post: Instagram's Terms of Use in Language You Can Actually Understand

The Importance of Telling a Good Story

Mashable: Three Screens Are Better Than One

Video of the Day: The Man Behind The Seinfeld Theme

500 Years Ago

The Customer is Always Right

Video of the Day: Close Encounter with Skunks

Video of the Day: Two year old miraculously saves twin brother

Video: How to Register Your Drone with the FAA

Michael: The Viral Video Factory

Video of the Day: VERY Unusual instrument!

Michael: Greetings from Marrakech

Michael: Why Don't Don't Look at the Camera

Video of the Day: Chess Clock Jenga

Video of the Day: 2016, in 5 minutes

Drone Law Coming to the UK

Video of the Day: Into the Arctic 4K

Video of the Day: 2 Year Old Skiis First Powder

Deleting Generated Files While Editing to Free Up Hard Disk Space

Video of the Day: Freediving Jacob's Well

Racism As Entertainment

Video of the Day: Disneyland Time Lapse

NoFilmSchool: Best Video Essays

Bloomberg: How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalist

Video of the Day: Oregon Aerial

Michael Lewis, Donald Trump and the Power of Storytelling

5 Years Later: “Why have computers matured so much over the past 62 years while TV news has remained pretty much unchanged?” – Michael Rosenblum


Michael on the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR: Voice of America and Trump

Video of the Day: Casey Neistat Droneboarding

New York Times Video: Five Steadicam Milestones

Tribeca Film Festival Wants to Screen Your Snapchats

Nieman: Shifting the Focus

Video of the Day: Apartment Building Ice Avalanche

How To End Fake News AND Save Newspapers

Video of the Day: The British Space Program

AD WEEK: Is Snapchat a TV Disrupter or a Social App?

Video: Create a Star Wars Inspired Hologram in After Effects

Video of the Day: Flight of the Bumblebee Played on Beer Bottles

Video: Ultimate Camera Battery Hack

Video: Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO: What do these mean and how do cameras work?

NoFilmSchool: Massive List of Winter 2017 Grants

Video of the Day: Tight Squeeze on the Train

Did Congress Just Hand Breitbart A Global Media Company That You Pay For?

Switcher Go For iOS Released From Switcher Studio

Video of the Day: Canadian Road Rage

2016 Holiday Gift Guide


2nd Day Video Bootcamp at BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting

ThatTravelBlog: How to Make Money While You Travel - Video Journalist Africa

Make a Music Video for Elton John!

Video of the Day: Mongolian Throat Singing


Adorama: Keeping Your DSLR Steady Japan’s NHK Tries Out 1-Minute Documentaries

Video of the Day: PHAROS VR "Me and Your Mama"

Learn About Manual Settings

Video of the Day: Numa Numa (12 Year Anniversary)

Video of the Day: Crazy car pileup in Montreal

Why Breitbart is Like a Box of Froot Loops

Fortune: Coming Soon... Ellen TV

What Jobs Will Survive?


New Gear: GoPro Karma Grip Handheld Stabilizer

TV SPY: Local News Gets Less Local (and that could be good news for you)

Video of the Day: Shotgun Guitar Played and SHOT by Rev. Peyton

Video: A Word on Tripods

Video of the Day: GoPro in a Dishwasher

NoFilmSchool: This Filmmaker Shot 14 Days Without Power in the Himalayas—Here's How

New York Times: Snapchat Revolutionized Social Networks

Guardian: DirecTV Now to launch Taylor Swift Channel

Video of the Day: Crazy Wing Suit Team

This Was Television - once.

Video of the Day: Eating a Whole Live Octopus in Korea

Video of the Day: Dangerous Skiing

The Verge: YouTube star Casey Neistat Going to CNN

New Gear: The Chinon Bellami HD-1 Video Camera

Alan Tomlinson, RIP

Video of the Day: OK Go – The One Moment – Official Video

Fidel Castro Is Dead

Video of the Day: Dad Tries to Copy Daughter's Gymnastic Moves

Huffington Post: Can Media Literacy End Violent Youth Extremism?

Motherboard Interview with Michael on Kickstarter Live

Medium: How To Crush It on Facebook Live

Video of the Day: History of the Camera

The Daily Mail Does Not Understand Live Streaming Video

Michael: American Fascism - That's Entertainment!

Video of the Day: Best Fire Tornado

The Kennedy Assassination and Abe Zapruder

And now - Bloomingdales TV

Fake News... Or Is It?

Video of the Day: World's Shortest Train

Video of the Day: Most British World Record

Video of the Day: South Park- Ike behind the scenes

Tails of Travel

New Gear: GearEye Using Mobile Journalism for Under-Served Communities

Video Contest: Small Business Stories

Video of the Day: Know Your Rights

Video of the Day: Walnut's Last Walk

The 11th Hour

Video of the Day: DRUMS BBC and Smartphone Journalism

HuffPo: Machine Learning Yields Personalized Video Streams

Gear: GoPro Recalls Karma Drones

Video of the Day: The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

Michael: Trump Elected! Now How Did That Ever Happen?

Video of the Day: Hamsterfeld - 'Seinfeld' with Hamsters

7 Tips on How to Conserve Camera Battery Power

FilmicPro Updates

What's New in Final Cut Pro X Version 10.3

Video of the Day: The Flying Frenchies

The Hollywood Reporter: Almost Half of Americans Say They Can't Find Something Good to Watch on TV

Forbes: Inside Magic Leap, The Secretive $4.5 Billion Startup Changing Computing Forever

Video of the Day: KLM 747 Extreme Jet Blast blowing People away at Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Photographers Move To Video

Professional Photographers Go To Video To Survive

Video of the Day: Cubs Win! (360 video)

Business Insider Video: Here's the best smartphone camera you can buy

Video of the Day: Tulsa Man Steals Police Car and Live Streams it on Facebook

Introducing Kickstarter Live Bangladeshi newspaper Prothom Alo is training its reporters in mobile journalism to increase its video output

DigitalRev: NewsHistoryArchive You Can Now Access The World’s Oldest Film Archive Online For Free

Video of the Day: Jazz for Cows

Micheal on FB Live: How the Election Turned into a Reality Show

Video of the Day: 20th Century Fox - Sh***y Flute Costume

How The 2016 Elections Became A Reality TV Show

New Final Cut Pro X Version Announced

Music Video: Drive like Maria - DEEP BLUE

VJ Spotlight: Torsten Wittler

Video of the Day: Wakeboarding With a Massive Harbor Crane as a Tow Cable

Michael Live: Start Your Own TV Channel

Vine is coming to an end

Video Essay - An Introduction of Coloured Film: A Study of Technicolor’s three-strip process

New Gear: Stella Single-point LEDs from Light & Motion

Time/Warner - ATT Deal and You

Video of the Day: Best Moonwalk Ever

BBC Mundo: Interview with Michael Rosenblum on the 2016 Election How Finland's MTV3 is bringing mobile journalism into the newsroom

Video of the Day: Carving a Pumpkin in Under 30 Seconds With A Waterjet - Pumpkin Carving Machine - Jack O Lantern

Video of the Day: Glimpses of North-Korea

Does Television Journalism Have to be 'Balanced?'

Video of the Day: Pirates Of The Caribbean / Game Of Thrones Piano Version King's Cross St. Pancras Station LDN

Wall Street Journal: Is the iPhone the Only Camera You Need?

Gear: What VR camera should you buy

Video of the Day: Tesla drives itself through urban streets to highway to streets, then finds a parking spot

The Problem of An Infinite Universe...and TV...

Local News with an iPhone and GoPro

New Gear: OLLOCLIP IPHONE 7 LENSES Storytelling as a Team

Video of the Day: Riding the Wall of Death

Gear: How to fix a damaged tripod thread


And Now... Trump TV

New Gear: Vuze VR Kit

Video of the Day: An Underwater City for the Dead

Why Live Stream

Video As A Language

CineMontage: Editing Trump

Video of the Day: Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident

That Drone Show

Video of the Day: Apparent Violations Spotted During Russian Elections

Are The Networks Biased?

Introducing Epicolor

Video of the Day: Samsung's Explosion-Proof Note 7 Return Packaging Longform mobile journalism

Video of the Day: Polar Bear Nora

Mobile Journalism at the Presidential Debate

Video of the Day: NLand

Video of the Day: Hit & Run - MOTORCYCLE CHASES CAR!

From Documentary Filmmaker to Channel Owner

PetaPixel: iPhone 7 vs Leica M9-P Side-by-Side Photo Comparison

Video of the Day: The Concurs de Castells

No Film School: Vimeo Takes Staff Picks to a Whole New Level

New Gear: Pixel smartphone from Google

Video of the Day: Bremenskie Musicians

New Gear: The TASCAM DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder

An Idea For A Video Business

Video of the Day: Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive in NYC

Video of the Day: MAD RAVENS

How To Start Your Own TV Channel - Part 2

Video of the Day: Burningmama

How To Start (and own) Your Own TV Channel

Video of the Day: How Boeing Builds a 737 in Just Nine Days

Just How Big IS the Global TV Market?

Salon: CBS is getting out of the radio business

TECH REVIEW: The Hasselblad X1D

Video of the Day: DJI Osmo

Video of the Day: Slackline the Moai Tower

How Black Lives Matter Was Created by iPhones

Video of the Day: Jurassic Carpark

New Gear: Spectacles from Snapchat (Snap inc.)

Michael's Tech Talk: Producing Video with your Smartphone

TV News Check: Serious Study Needed To Get A Drone

SanDisk announces world's first 1TB SD card

We Are The Media

Video of the Day: Running the Seasons

Michael: New Gear for Recording Audio with your Smartphone

Video of the Day: Monkey Plays Ping Pong

TV Newser: Network Morning Shows Lost 350,000 Viewers Last Season

Video of the Day: Long Term Parking

Michael: Carpe Media

New Gear: GoPro Karma Drone & CineBody iPhone Super8 Case

Video of the Day: Flyboard® Air Farthest flight by hoverboard

CNET: Apple AirPods after a week of use


Infographic: Mise-en-scene -- what is it, and how does it affect your film

Video of the Day: THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT

Video of the Day: Dronesurfing


Video of the Day: The White Stripes / City Lights

Video of the Day: Extreme Basketball Freestyle Slam Dunks on Speeding Train - Dunking Devils

Who Elected Matt Lauer? Copyright tips to remember when producing online videos

Video of the Day: Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapse

Video of the Day: Framing The Night Of

NoFilmSchool: How Spike Jonze Became the King of Viral Music Videos

Gear: The iPhone 7 is Here

doddle: Adobe Adds More Features To Creative Cloud

Starting an Internet News Network in your own backyard is really not that difficult a way to earn a living!

NY Times: BuzzFeed Regroups as Media Turns Video-Centric

The Daily Beast: Netflix’s Chill, Mesmerizing Antidote to the Madness of 2016

To The Moon, Alice!

Video of the Day: Daredevil unicyclist performs on top of giant chimney in Romania

5 Things You Can Do To Change Sh*t + 1 More

Apple Patented An iPhone Compatible Wireless VR Headset

BBC: Cash for catastrophes?

Recode: Twitter is finally paying its best users to create videos

MediaLife: Imagining the television landscape of the future

Watson/IBM Edits Movie Trailer - Artificial Intelligence Replaces Editor

Voice & Data: Mobile video will be 75% of 4G traffic by 2020: Huawei, Ovum

TechCrunch: The future of mobile video is virtual reality

The Beat: The Canon 5D Mark IV: The End of An Era

NiemanLab: Rise of "Second-Class Digital Citizenship"

Citizen Science & Citizen Journalism

A Look Into The Jobs Future

Listen: Michael talks with Michael Steele and Rick Ungar on SiriusXM

TheVerge: Goodbye to the Audio Jack

Katie Couric Took A $1M Pay Cut

Touching A Nerve

FIRST DAY OF VIDEO BOOTCAMP WITH BFBS - British Forces Broadcast Services

Film Contest - On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project

Olympic Broadcasting Enters The 21st Century

Donald Trump Is Going To Be Elected

Gear: Beastgrip Pro How to create animated videos using Quik

NY Times: A Charming Alternative Universe of You, Your Friends and No News

NY Times: Google Duo Makes Video Calling Between Operating Systems Easier

No Film School: 13 Things New Filmmakers Should Consider But Rarely Do

My Own Personal Olympics

theMediaBriefing: Why the FT decided to use VR to explore Hidden Rio

An Olympic Story

Recode: Apple’s new TV plan is a TV guide

Variety: Vice to Launch HBO Nightly News Show in September

NY Times: How Artists Change the World

What Are They Teaching At Cleveland State?

OK GO's "Here It Goes Again" Video Celebrates 10 Years

The Medieval Mind and Visual Imagery

The Guardian: Twitter pegging revenue hopes on $10bn live video market

AI Comes to Video Editing

NY Times: You Can Use Any Song You Want. Create a TV Show.

A Video Renaissance

Former NFL player Gleason shows reality of living with ALS

Junk Food - Junk News

Verizon Close To Buying Yahoo

Tech Times: YouTube Co-Founder Steve Chen Launches 'Nom' Live-Streaming Platform For Food Videos And Cooking Shows

The Economist: Cutting the cord

Bye Bye VHS

Portland Comes Out Against A Free Press

BBC: Your phone is now a refugee's phone

BBC Journalist: My unplanned month of mobile-only filming

Outrage at The Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4

Boot Camp Success Story: David McCann

Videos That Lie

Wall Street Journal: Publishers and TV Networks Feud Over Streaming Feed Ahead of Conventions

NYT: Live Streaming Breaks Through, and Cable News Has Much to Fear

ACLU: Photographers (and Videographers) - What To Do If You Are Stopped Or Detained For Taking Photographs

The Incredibly Disruptive Power of Live Streaming

Charles Lindbergh and the iPhone

Now We Are All Journalists

Oxford University, The Soviet Union and iPhones

Is Whats App The Next TV?

Can We Crowd-Source Journalism?

FilmicPro Short Film: Life in North Korea

A visit with the Watson AI Project

Reuters Report on The Future of Video News Misses The Boat

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Venice and The VJ

Where Is TV Headed?

A Library Without Books

BREXIT and Video Journalism

House Members Live Stream

WSJ: Facebook Signs Deals With Media Companies, Celebrities for Facebook Live

Shutterbug: Hasselblad Launches World’s First Compact Mirrorless Digital Medium Format Camera

Tumblr Goes Live

TRONC - Dead Before They Even Get Started

The New Networks

Gutenberg and Video

The Guardian: How one mysterious vlogger, Lonelygirl15, changed the internet Newspaper declines accelerate, latest Pew Research finds, other sectors healthier

NoFilmSchool: 5 Groundbreaking Editing Rules from Oscar-Winning Editor of 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'The Elephant Man'

Columbia University Professor and 'Original Multimedia Gangsta' Duy Linh Tu's Travel Gear Guide

NiemanLab: Your News Feed will likely be “all video” in five years

New Technology and Local News

Watch the first film written by a computer algorithm

Expressing Your Opinions in Video

Uoplay Gimbal Demo

Marissa Mayer Does Not Get It

Authorship in Video

Inside Sony Artisan of Imagery and VJ Bob Krist's Kit 60 Magnum Photographers Reveal Their Most ‘Decisive Moment’

Columbia University Professor & 'Original Multimedia Gangsta' Duy Linh Tu's Video Gear Guide

Calling All Editors: Filmsupply Challenge

No Film School: Massive List of Summer 2016 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

Man of La Mancha and Your iPhone

The Grammar of Video

New Gear: Pulse for DSLR

Video Surpasses Text Online (Live Stream June 3, 2016) Inside Washington Post’s online video strategy

Video Surpasses Text On the Internet

Junk Food & Junk News (Live Stream June 2, 2016)

The Guardian: Apple eyes Time Warner and TV for its next act

The End of Creativity?

Why Is TV News Like Junk Food?

Reuters Does Not Get It

Introducing Live:Air Solo -- A New App for Directing Live Stream Video

Washington Post Video nominated for 17 local Emmy awards.

VidCon Comes To LA and So Does Hollywood

Washington Post: Now, there’s one more reason to be a journalist — you can help save journalism

TNW: Google brings its Jump camera rig to YouTube Spaces to encourage more VR content creation

Fortune: People Would Rather Stream TV Than Brush Their Teeth

Watch: Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News - Newswipe - BBC Four

Julia Caesar, Former VJ, Launches Her Own TV Network

Listen: Michael on 970AM with John Gamble

The BBC Shifts Gears And It Tells Us Where the Whole Industry is Headed.

Parody: How To Edit A Video In SEVEN EASY Steps!!

85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound

Why Is Network News Like Stalin?

Hollywood Reporter: Russell Crowe's 'Blood Meridian' Deal Falls Apart Over Book Rights Issue

Ken Loach releases all his films free on YouTube

This Is Why Refugees Have Smart Phones

OTT is NOT "Democratizing Television"

The Guardian: BBC to fund 150 local news journalists

NEWSY is Just Terrible

The Guardian: Egyptian satirists arrested for mocking president

Lord Patten on The Future of The BBC

Katie Couric May Lose Her $10 million a Year Job At Yahoo News

Looking Back on the Trump Presidency

CBS Cuts Back on The News

Trump: The Canary In The Coal Mine

Sony Files Patents For Video-Recording Contact Lens

9to5Mac: GoPro acquires Replay and Splice video apps to bolster mobile editing

CBS Shakes Up Weekend News

Bringing Authorship to Video

MoJoCon 2016: Apps for Journalists

No Film School: 12 Films That Have 'Perfect' Cinematography (According to Over 60 Critics)

Most Journalists Don't Get It...Yet

Welcome To The Post Print-Writing Web Report from MoJoCon 2016

Who Is To Blame for President Trump?

We're Trading In The Carrots For An Onion

Message to Columbia Journalism School Students: Follow The Money!

Gawker: Welcome To the Post-Writing Web

Kickstarter & Kodak Launch New Initiative to Support Independent Filmmakers Shooting on Film

Darrell Barton

The New Yorker: Studio 360

Joshua Topolsky for Medium: Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved

Massive Cuts Coming to The NY Times???

Washington Post: The future of TV is arriving faster than anyone predicted

StoryLab: 20+ Mobile Storytelling Apps, Tools + Tips From Top Experts

Al Jazeera Lost $585 Million in Two Years - Lawsuit Alleges

He Figured Out Social Media 300 Years Ago

Emmys Under the Sink

Mashable: Thin, flexible 'sheet camera' could turn any surface into a camera

You Don't Need A Weatherman To Tell You Which Way The Wind Is Blowing...

Why is Local News so Terrible?

Announcing the New York Television Festival Script Competition

To Save Journalism - Follow the Money

Mashable: Amazon not trying to be like Netflix

9 Year Old Girl Beats Major Media On Murder Story

Announcing The World's Biggest TV News Network

Video As Fine Art?

Bravo Launches Web Reality Show: Going Off the Menu

Should Shooting and Editing Be Separate Events? I don't think so.

NY Times: Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic

Martin Grey's First Video

NiemanLab: With new roadblocks for digital news sites, what happens next?

New Gear: Facebook to release 'open source' Surround 360 Camera

United Nations VJ Training Session in Geneva

This is the first official camera for Facebook's Live Video: the Mevo

Report from Guardian Video Bootcamp - Day 1

Medium: Angry Facebook Live is the New Angry Twitter

Mashable: Finally, a camera that can live stream virtual reality

Introducing New Ways to Create, Share and Discover Live Video on Facebook

Profile of a Working VJ: Ruud Elmendorp

Bloomberg: Coming to You Live From Facebook, a Lure Back to Your Television

Mashable: Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a built-in camera

The Power of Live Streaming

One Of The Worst Political Ads Ever

Variety: Twitter Lands NFL ‘Thursday Night Football’ Streaming Deal

Video and Animal Welfare

Bringing A Sense of Authorship to Video Introducing Splash, for creating 360-degree visuals

Instagram to Introduce 60 Second Videos

Trust Me: You CAN Change Your Life

Filmmakers Use iPhones to Make New Movie

Donald Trump Is Us

NY Times: Apple’s First Foray Into Original TV Is a Series About Apps

NiemanLab: The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts

If One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Preparing For The Next Generation of Video A look at The Sun's new video strategy as it gets ready to join Snapchat Discover

From the Ancient Past when TV News Still had to Compete with Newspapers What's in the (cable) box? Possibly the future of television

How To Start Your Own TV Network


Samson Mulugeta and The Power of Facebook Video

Canada's Gayest Family

News:Rewired - How a Sky News reporter uses her mobile phone to ‘go live’ in 90 seconds Glenn Greenwald wants NPR journalists ‘to speak like a normal human being’

How Television Ended The Soviet Union

NiemanLab: Apple News opens up to everyone

Wired: Now There’s an On-Demand Economy for Journalists

Snapchat Adds Another Publishing Partner — News Video Startup NowThis

Gizmodo: The Evolution of the TV Camera

An Uber for Video Journalists?

Vimeo Launches a Network

Make Your Own Documentary Film

Digiday: The New York Times to launch TV website

After TV: Video's Future will be Bigger, More Diverse & More Precarious than its Past

Gear: Cameras of 2015 Introducing Verifeye Media Pro Camera

Will Facebook Swallow Everything?

Au Revoir Meerkat

Why Trump Will Be Elected President

Reflections on Facebook Live Streaming

Digiday: Washington Post Goes Vertical

Beware the Television - Politics Complex

Profile of a VJ: Raul Gallego Abellan

New Gear: Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera How The Associated Press wants to help 'democratise virtual reality'

NY Times: Tips and Myths About Extending Smartphone Battery Life

Profile of a VJ: Bob Krist

Digiday: Why YouTube networks are no longer hot

TheVJ - since 1989


Video Literacy In The Office

To The Moon, Donald, To the Moon

Sir Arthur Clarke Predicts The Future

ThePowerEdit: Four groovy ways to Uptown Funkify your editing

Robot Proof Careers

The Cricketer Magazine goes to iPhone Video

Michael Rosenblum from The NY Times: TV News Producers Are Everywhere Now

Rav Vadgama: Profile of a Working VJ

news:rewired event notice: Video Focus

USA TODAY'S Michael Wolff: Print’s dead — but so is digital

Bob Sacha: I watched 78 ‘multimedia’ stories from visual journalists and what I learned will shock you

Last Chance for Newspapers

Using Video Journalism To Heal

Harry Potter and the Video Camera Telling stories with 360-degree video

When Photographers Go To Video

John Ford on the Future of TV

NiemanLab: The Rise of Vertical Video


How Final Cut Pro X helped five teams of filmmakers complete their mobile film challenge

Working as a Video Journalist - Tom DiDonato

Centriphone: an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

Super Bowl Ads - Dorito's DIY Ads Proves a MUCH larger point - and potential.

Film Fest: Toronto Smartphone Film Festival

Winners and Losers in the New Media World

Amazon & The New Yorker team up for new docu-series

Portrait of a Professional VJ: David Dunkley Giymah

Today's Video Lesson From Donald Trump

Gear: Introducing the DJI Osmo


Talk On The Future of Television at HULU


The Guardian: GoPro teams up with Periscope

Introducing the Fresco News app for Apple TV

A Tale of Two Videos

The Tragedy of The BBC

Trump, Palin, Cumberbatch: It Takes A Machine To Beat A Machine

Critique: Sweet Mamma

What News Organizations Could Learn from General Motors

Why Nightline Failed - And What Television News COULD Be

Michael's Inbox: "Not a question, Michael; just a comment"

See Michael in Person: Future of TV Content Group


Matt Danzico, Videojournalist for The BBC

MLK, Civil Rights & The Power of Video

What To Do With Video and News

Forget iPhone Video - Now it's PriusCam!

Gear: The Most Exciting Camera Rumors of 2016

David Bowie, Peter Klein and The Buried David Bowie/60 Minutes Interviews.

Kickstarter & The Guardian to hold summit on online documentary films AP experiments with live streams

Today We Are All Journalists

The End For Al Jazeera America News

Politico: A big pivot for HuffPost Video

Reuters: 79% said they would be investing more in online news video this year

NYT: David Bowie, Master of the Music Video

New Gear: High-Performance Lenses for iPhone from Zeiss



The Wall Street Journal Joins Snapchat

VOX: Film vs. Digital Explained

KODAK Introduces Super8 Film (No Kidding)

HuffPo: 5 Innovations That Changed The Way We Told Stories In 2015

Arrival of the Mega Camera

The End of Reality TV?

Our Dinner at Noma

Greg Ferenstein (@ferenstein) has a 'must read' piece on The Birth and Death of Privacy.

Meet The Digital Dissenters

Everyone Loves A Free Press - Until They Actually Have One

You CAN Change Your Life

Review: Sony a7R II Camera

Bloomberg Business: Frontline Asks What Are Journalists Allowed to Do With Virtual Reality?

Carpe Media 3 free iOS apps to edit short videos for social media

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did

I Am Going Back To Teach at The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University

Thank You, Miss Chaffee

Gear Review: Rode VideoMic Me

The Printing Press and the iPhone

A Journalist's First iPhone Video - Critiqued

Conan: What's wrong with today's news?

What Does Donald Trump Have That You Don't Have....Yet

The Guardian: HuffPo’s new chief on the ‘post social’ mobile era

Mashable: Streaming audio and video account for 70.40% of downstream

The NY Times & Video

An Uber for Journalism?

How a former (and unemployed) newspaper sports reporter could make $500,000 a year by moving to video. (And anyone else could too!)

New Tech & Gear: New Samsung Camera, Web for VR, & Smartphone Mic

Virtually A Great Trip

Reflections On Live Streaming with The BBC

Quartz: App Changing Tanzania's News

The Vinyl of Photography

Look Out! Here Comes Live Streaming

New Gear: Ricoh Theta S VR Camera

Michael's Blog: Donald Trump Lies - Does Anyone Care?

VR Brings Fresh Perspective to Journalism

An Open Letter to a Newspaper Reporter Who Has Lost His Job

When Newspapers Go To Video - Emmys Abound

Listen: Why Periscope's latest updates may be useful for newsgathering

How To Save The BBC

A 21st Century Role for Public Broadcasters

How Fox Ate National Geographic


The DNA of Technology

Up Periscope!

Danish Journalists in NY

iPhone News

Presidential Elections as Entertainment TV?







Live Streaming

Adobe Rush

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Beginner Shooting: Michael Rosenblum 5 Shot Method®

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Filmic Pro for Mobile Devices

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Journalism in the 21st Century

Intermediate Storytelling

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Video for Your Business

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Video for Social Media

KineMaster 2018

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Live Streaming > Facebook Live

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How to Start Your Own TV Channel > Define Your Audience Niche

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Adobe Rush > Tour of the Interface

Premiere Pro CC: Beginner > Importing Media From A Tapeless Camera

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FCP X 10.2: Advanced > Using a Color Mask

Grammar of Editing > Match Cuts in Videography

Making a Living Part I > How To Produce A TV Show

Making Music Videos > Locations

How to Start Your Own TV Channel > Let Your Audience Participate

KineMaster for Android Devices > Move, Delete, Trim & Split Clips

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iMovie 10 > Creating a Project

Making Music Videos > Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, & Props

How to Start Your Own TV Channel > Your First Source of Revenue

iMovie for Desktop > Importing from an iOS Device

Beginner Shooting: Michael Rosenblum 5 Shot Method® > The First Shot

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iMovie 10 > A Tour of the Interface

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Video for Social Media Platforms > Interview with Aiko Tanaka

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Video for Your Business > Creating a Video for Your Business with a Smartphone

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Intermediate Storytelling > 'Santillo's Pizza' Piece Part 2: Critiques

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Making a Living Part I > Starting Your Own TV Network

Making a Living Part I > Making a Living as a Freelance Editor

Beginner Shooting: Michael Rosenblum 5 Shot Method® > Raw Footage Examples

Premiere Pro CC: Beginner > Using the Graphics Titler and Essential Graphics

Beginner Shooting: Michael Rosenblum 5 Shot Method® > 'Grand Picture Framing' Piece Part 1: Introduction & Screening

iMovie for iOS Devices > Adding an Audio-Only Clip and Detaching Audio

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iPhone 14: The Filmmaker’s Smartphone

Apple Announces iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 Announcement Expected Next Week

The iPhone 2020 SE Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers

DIY Gear From Brian Steves

An $8 Work Around To Connect A Wireless Mic To An iPhoneX

The New Samsung Galaxy Samsung S20

The New G2 Smartphone Video Grip from Shoulderpod

DJi Osmo Mobile 3

Samsung Back In The Fold

Frank Van Gelder Explains The Fig Rig

Unboxing The Rode Wireless GO

The Rode Me-L Microphone

LumaFusion 2 Ready for Release

A Great Audio Hack for Smartphones

Bose Frames - You Can Toss Your Apple Ear Buds Now

Pixel 3a - the other end of the cost spectrum

Now AI Comes To Writing

Spock Was A Hell Of A Photographer

Have We Reached Design Terminus In Phones?

Is This The End of Apple? iPhone sales down 17% in 1Q

When The Phone Drives The TV Design

Huawei - Spies, Cyber Warfare but they make a hell of a phone

Blackberry Is Still Alive!

Major Update Coming to LumaFusion

Samsung Folds.. or Rather, Doesn't

Best Microphone Options for Smartphones

Adobe Rush vs. iMovie: which editing app should you choose?

Getting Steady Footage UsingCamera Gimbals

Sony's New Xperia 1 is Designed with Video Producers in Mind

The Rode Wireless Go

FiLMiC announces FiLMiC Audio app at NAB 2019

How Kodak Went From Industry Leader To Bankruptcy

L-16 Goes Video

Insta360 ONE

The Verge Gets Their Hands on RED's Hydrogen One

Lenovo Teases All Screen Phone

Olloclip Lens Kit for iPhone X

Sennheiser Memory Mic for Smartphones

Vimeo App for MacOS

iMac Pro Made for Creative Professionals

New Smartphone Camera Prototype from Canon

GoPro's New $200 Hero (Review)

Tech Review: The L-16

HyperDrive USB-C Hub + 7.5W Qi Wireless Charger iPhone Stand

Roland R-07 Audio Recorder

My Passport Wireless SSD

TwoEyes VR Camera

Keep Your SD Cards Safe and Handy with Memistore

Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Rylo 360 Camera

Velapp Edits Video as You Shoot it

Holiday Gift Guide: Freefly Movi Smartphone Stabilizing Gimbal

Holiday Gift Guide: Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit

Holiday Gift Guide: Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Accessory Starter Kit from Lifelimit

Best Video Smartphone Apps for Cinematography

Holiday Gift Guide: Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera Backpack

Android Creator Launches New Phone The Essential Phone: Review

Holiday Gift Guide: DJI Spark Drone

Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Hero6

Holiday Gift Guide: Pixel 2

Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone X

Holiday Gift Guide: GorillaPod Flexible Tripod from JOBY

Holiday Gift Guide: Zhiyun Smooth III Smartphone Stabilizer

Holiday Gift Guide: MAVIS - Pro Camera App

HeyMic! Bluetooth Microphone for Smartphones

SMOVE Stabilizer

VeeR Editor App

Rylo 360-Degree Camera

ScreeningRoom: Share Videos and Get Feedback for Free

The L16 Camera from Light Has 16 Lenses

Casio GZE-1 Action Camera

Simplify Transferring Media with Gnarbox

DJI Releases Most Cinematic Drone Camera: The Zenmuse X7

5 Best 50mm Lenses for Under $100

LumaFusion Video Editing App for iPad and iPhone

The New GoPro Hero6

Animate Photos with Plotagraph

FrontRow Wearable Live Streaming Camera

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Reviews Are In

Videon: New App for iPhone Video Producers

Sennheiser FOCUSMIC Digital for iPhone

Sony's New Action Camera: Sony RXO

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Insta360 One 360/VR Camera

Kickstarter: LukiLink Makes Your Smartphone Into a Monitor

LaCie 6Big & 12Big Superdives

Samson Wireless Mic System for Smartphones

MEVO Live Streaming Camera

VideoMic Pro+

Ztylus Switch 6 iPhone Lens System

Olloclip & Incase iPhone Filmer's Kit

Blink - Real Time Video Editor

Indiegogo: Voyager LED Lights

Canon 6D Mark II

LumaFusion: iPad Video Editing App

Kickstarter: The Platypod Ultra

The $15 Follow Focus

PIXI Pano360 remotely controlled motorized head

Arsenal: the 'Intelligent Camera Assistant'

Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for Smartphones

Vufine+ Wearable Video Display

ShareGrid Equipment Rental

Amazing App for Smartphone Video Journalism: ViMoJo

Mic Room

DJi SPARK Mini Drone

LogicSkin Premiere Pro Keyboard Cover


DJI Drone Goggles

No Film School: Every Camera and Lens We Saw at NAB 2017

GoPro Announced New VR Camera: GoPro Fusion.

WIRED: The Hidden Breakthrough in Apple’s New Video App

When Smaller is Better

Live Streaming Equipment from Blackmagic

Samsung Galaxy S8

Facebook Live 360 Now Available World-Wide


Apple Announces New Video Editing App: Clips


Leica Teams Up With Huwei for Amazing New Phone

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Phone

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The Chinon Bellami HD-1

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Insta360 One Camera - Photography & Video in a Whole New Way!

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