Making a Living as a Freelance Editor

Posted April 04, 2018
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Have you thought about using your editing skills to make a living as a freelance?

As the world of video explodes, there are lots of opportunities to work as an editor. Whether this is something you want to do full-time, or rather just as a way to pay the bills while you focus on other work, freelance opportunities are a great way to make money from the skills you are learning here on TheVJ.com

In our latest lesson, Kelly Korzan takes you through the world of freelance video editing including what you can charge for your work and the kinds of projects available. The new lesson takes your through the different steps in becoming a freelancer, and some best practices for getting and keeping work. 

Finding leads for work can be difficult at first, you can check out our job section for some listings, but once you start getting clients you'll be able to build up a reel to reflect your work and help you grow your client list.

Applying for different kind of editing jobs require different skillsets, be it a comedy sketch or a music video, so you'll want to decide what kind of projects you want to work on, and create an editing reel to reflect that (or multiple reels).

Check out the new lesson here.

If you haven't already learned an editing software, then you can choose from a variety of courses in our editing section, and if you want to learn a new software, or brush up on one you already know, then you'll find our editing section very useful. Additionally you can learn to edit specific kinds of videos including a pitchreel, music videos, or a long-form documentary


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