Meet Our Team

Michael Rosenblum

Michael Rosenblum is often referred to as The Father of Videojouranlism. In 1988 he invented the concept and has been working with it worldwide since then.

Lisa Lambden

Lisa Lambden, a former BBC journalist and executive has been exclusively creating content for television and working with and training VJs for the past 13 years.

Kelly Korzan

Kelly Korzan, our lead editing instructor and the voice behind our editing videos, has more than 20 years experience as a professional editor for networks including MTV, NBC, A&E, Bravo and The Travel Channel.

Francisco Aliwalas

Cinematographer and working VJ, Francisco has shot and produced hundreds of hours of VJ-driven cable series and TV commercials.

Brett Savaglio

Brett Savaglio, a film studies graduate of Wash U, has worked with Michael and Lisa as a VJ, trainer and video producer for the past two years.

Ben Foster

Ben Foster

Ben is our global head of sales. Inquiries for group and business accounts at