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The era of the smartphone and tablet has completely transformed the process for shooting and editing video. The quality of the cameras in many smartphones now is so good that they can be used for almost anything. Gone are the days when you needed lots of expensive equipment in order to create television and video that looks professional. Today, many content creators shoot and edit exclusively on smartphones. At VJ, we invented the concept of the mobile videographer back in the 1980s and we are strong believers in the power of new technology. Today, smartphones and tablets enable people to create video quickly and easily and to upload it to multiple platforms. In this Mobile section of the website, we have put together all the different courses for working with smartphones and tablets. These encompass shooting on smartphones and using Apps like Filmic Pro to help you get the best possible results from the camera in your phone or tablet. When it comes to editing on mobile devices, we cover a range of different Apps for both iPhones and Android operating systems, some are very simple to use such as Apple Clips, and others are more sophisticated such as iMovie for IOS and KineMaster Pro. More and more people are discovering that they can produce all the videos they need using a mobile device. Not only has this technology cut the cost of producing great video, it has also changed the type of access you can get to people and places. When you film with a traditional video camera it’s difficult to blend in but when you shoot on your smartphone, it’s so familiar that your subjects rarely notice. At VJ, we believe that mobile videography will soon be the way most professional video is made.


Working with SmartphonesFilmic Pro AppiPhone Camera SecretsiMovie for iOSKineMaster for Android DevicesApple ClipsiMovie for iOS 2.1

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