How to create animated videos using Quik

Posted August 17, 2016
Share To takes a look at a free app called Quik, which allows users to create video animations on their smartphone or tablet.  The app is easy to use and very powerful.

Video has permeated news in the age of digital.  Almost every news story is accompanied by a video.  Video has become a dominant mode of communicating information, and as it increasingly is used in news, organizations have found new innovative ways to use video to inform.  One way in which this has been done is through animation.  We previously reported on the amazing ways The Washington Post is using animation for news, and now with Quik you can make effective animations as well.  
Using video on your phone and a multitude of animations you can make your video come to life and really have an impact.

Mădălina Ciobanu explains the app and takes you on a step by step guide of how to use the app:

Quik was previously known as Replay, and while the core purpose of the app has not changed, there have been some improvements and additional features added since GoPro acquired the app, alongside video editing app Splice, back in February.

Quik no longer places watermarks on videos and includes more automated editing styles than it used to, expanding the range of options you have to enhance footage taken on location, for example at an event, or to tease an upcoming story or project for your audience on social media.

To get started, download and open the free app on your iOS or Android device and tap 'create' to select and add your images and clips. If these were taken while your mobile had the location services activated, the app groups all footage taken in the same place and displays it accordingly, making it easier to find.

Read the rest and watch the video instructional here.


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