5 Tips for a Perfect Timelapse

Posted March 27, 2018
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Everyone wants to use timelapse in their videos, not everyone knows how to make it look great.

If you have a smartphone, then chances are that your phone's camera has a built-in timelapse mode, and if not then there are plenty of apps that can help you achieve the effect. If you aren't using a smartphone, though, creating stunning timelapses can be a little more difficult.

In this video, Teppo Haapoja and  Matthew Vandeputte show you some tips to help you get great timelapses every time.

They key to a great timelapse is planning. You need to make sure that your shot is framed perfectly for the action that is going to occur, that your camera is stable so that small shakes aren't magnified by the effect, and that your settings are correct so that when the shot is sped up in the edit it looks smooth rather than jumpy. 

If you are shooting a timelapse, you will have to have your camera settings on manual so that the look of the image doesn't change throughout the shot. Additionally you'll want to bring your frame rate up so that the footage is smooth. 

Just remember, that if you are putting in a timelapse in your video it has to have a purpose for the story. Just putting one in because it looks nice these days isn't enough. You have to make sure that it serves the story of the video.

Storytelling in video is the most important skill to learn. To learn all about storytelling in video, as well as how to shoot and edit perfectly every time check out our courses here on TheVJ.com.


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