Shooting Safely In The News Business

Posted April 19, 2020
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Alexandra Maslowski is an MMJ with Spectrum1 in Oho.

She is also a gradatue of one of the many video bootcamps that we have run with Spectrum1, so she innately gets the 5-shot method and our penchant for low shooting ratios.

But of course, in the time of Corona, she isn't able to go to the story.

A lot of local TV news shows are reverting to Skype interviews.  This may deliver the information, but they are boring to watch.

Even the networks seem to be filled with shots of their reporters sitting in their homes talking to people on zoom.

A bit limited to say the least.

But a few of the Spectrum1 reporters are trying something different.

We have produced a few simple instructional videos which can teach anyone the basics of good video shooting and storytelling.

Pretty much everyone has an iPhone or a smart phone, and that is, as it happens,what Spectrum1 MMJs shoot with anyway - so there's no issue over quality of gear.

By giving your subjects some basic shooting instruction and working with them via Zoom, a reporter becomes a director, making a film from a distance

As you can see from Alexandra's report - shot entirely by the subjects themselves, and then sent to her for writing and editing - it works.

It provides that 'you are there' sensibility without putting anyone into any danger.

It works.

And my guess is that these kinds of partnerships with the subjects - helping them tell their own stories, will live on long after the virus has subsided.

It's faster, it's more cost effective, and to my mind, it's more honest and interesting.

Help people tell their own stories.

I call it Hybrid Journalism.

I think it's the future. 


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