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Posted July 02, 2019
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When we started the whole VJ thing, some 31 years ago, the only place a VJ could possibly think of working was in a TV news station.

Who else, after all, even made video.

OK, there were a smal handful of independent 'filmmakers' who lived in the East Village and could not afford to work in film.

Over time, of course, the cameras got better, faster and cheaper, and the number of platforms needing video exploded - with cable, and then the Internet adding first hundreds and then thousands of 'channels'.

But the primary employer was still the 'news' business - in one form or another.

Now, all that is fast changing.

Since we launched TheVJ some 2 years ago, we have been posting jobs for VJs (or MMJs, or MoJos or whatever you want to call them). When we started, almost all the jobs were some variant of news or journalism. (That's why we called it VJ, with the J for journalism). But increasingly, we have seen that changing.

This week, we are posting jobs that have nothing to do with news, or even journalism, per se, but everything to do with the transition from a print based culture to a video based one.

For example, we are posting an opening for a VJ with Major League Baseball,

MLB's New Media and Content Marketing team is looking for a super creative baseball fan who is a talented, experienced video storyteller. You will collaborate with a team of videographers, editors, animators and designers to present baseball content in unique, engaging ways. Must have experience working on YouTube channels or digital programming.

This is certainly not news, and arguably not journalism. But if you love baseball, it's an almost unbelievable job.  

Think of this as becoming a sports writer in the 1960s.

Then there's this:

Langone NYU Medical is looking for a VJ to be embedded in the hospital.

The Creative Services team, part of a large Communications and Marketing Department at NYU Langone Health, seeks an editor to join NYU Langone Health’s in-house creative media department. Editor will work on a range of video projects for clients across the organization; including marketing videos, social media content, surgical, training videos, corporate lectures and events, and more. Ideal candidates will have a flexible editing style and are able to create content that fits the organization’s overall brand. You’ll collaborate with our creative team to create content that informs and shares our organization’s story.


Or this:

The British House of Commons is looking to hire a ful ltime, in-house VJ.

The Video Producer will create content across the broad range of subjects select committee inquiries cover, to both raise awareness of a topic and increase public engagement and participation. Working closely with their team mates they will produce video content tailored to the objectives of the inquiry and needs of the audience, that will be used across social media platforms, the Parliament website and embedded in select committee reports.

The list could go on and on - and in fact, it does, on our jobs pages.  

What was once a very limited field is now global.

Video literacy is for everyone. 




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