Great video or filmmaking begins with the shooting. If the shooting is bad, the rest of the video or film is going to be bad as well. But great shooting is more than just pointing the camera and pushing the button. In the ‘old days’ of video and television, the mantra was ‘shoot a lot to give the editor choices’. But now, YOU are the editor. Since you are going to edit the material that you are about to shoot, the best editing is the one that takes place BEFORE you shoot. In this series of lessons, I am going to teach you a completely new and different way to approach shooting video. It’s a method I have perfected over years of practice, and it works. But to do this, I need you to forget anything you might have learned or picked up in the past. Old habits will only get in your way. But if you stick with me and do EXACTLY what I tell you do to, I can guarantee you will get perfect video every single time.

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