It's Alive!!!

Blackberry Is Still Alive!

Posted April 24, 2019
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Many years ago, I had a Treo.

A Treo was a very early smart phone, except they were not very smart.

The Treo had a stylus. That already is not very smart.

But Lisa had a Blackberry.

This, I thought, was the cutting edge of technology. And it was, at the time, which is some 15 years ago, or a millennium in tech years.  The Blackberry had a wheel on the side which allowed you to scroll through stuff on the screen.

I thought Blackberry was so cool, so cutting edge, that I ditched my Treo and went out and got a Blackberry. I also invested in Blackberry stock, which I hold today, even though it is utterly worthless.

However! Blackberry may be in for a resurrection (a perfect Easter gift to me, the shareholder). or maybe not.

I was astonished to see that Blackberry is not only still in business, but has just released a new phone - The Blackberry Key 2.

It's called the Key 2 because it is now the only phone in the world (except for the rotary dial phone we have in England), that still has a manual keyboard. 

Personally, I always liked a manual keyboard, but I still type my letters on an Underwood typewriter from 1912, so don't go by me.

The manual keyboard means that there is less room on the front of the phone for the screen, which makes everything related to video, well, a bit harder to see. However, for $600, it is a lot cheaper than an iPhone X, of the $2000 Samsung folding phone I reviewed earlier this week.

The Key 2 has two lenses for the video, which is an improvement over one - a 100% improvement in fact.

It is a bit retro in design, but that too has its charms.

Here's a video from Blackberry that explains the whole thing.

And, if you really like it, Blackberry is soon releasing the Key 3, which is touted to be better than the 2, which, I think, would undercut Key 2 sales, but there is a reason that my Blackberry stock is still worth next to nothing. 

However, hope springs eternal.