A Bootcamp Grad Goes To China

Posted February 17, 2020
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Some 10 years ago, a man named Anthony Beverly applied to attend one of our video bootcamps.

"Can I bring along my 10 year old son?" he asked.

That was fine with me.  We had no policy on children attending the bootcamps, as no one had ever asked before. But so long as they were together, it seemed fine. I was pretty sure the kid would sit in the back and watch videos or fill in coloring books or something. 

Instead, Anthony gave Justice a video camera and had him go out and shoot videos and script and edit.

A decade later, Justice Beverly has become a full fledged filmmaker all on his own.  

When I was a student at Williams, a great professor there named Bob Gaudino sent me off to experience America - working and living in Kentucky and Iowa.

Justice is a student at the University of Texas. They have a better propgram.

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas.

They sent him, and a group of other students, all over the world, but for the same purpose of expanding their world view.

Here's the video Justice made.

And here is what he said about it:

An incredible experience described but not confined to this four minute 18 second video. I spent months and months on this project ATTEMPTING to put, at the very least, an ounce of what this program showed me. It was month of learning, trekking and experiencing but those moments have stuck with me every second since. I hope you were able to enjoy this, because it was truly remarkable living it! The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas facilitates various study abroad adventures highlighting different areas, experiences and people. For more information visit: https://diversity.utexas.edu/


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