Video of the Day: Disneyland Time Lapse

Posted December 22, 2016
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Today's video of the shows us the wonder of the time lapse. Time laspses are very popular and consistantly garner lots of views on the web. This one, taken at Disneyland with a DSLR shows just how easy it is to pull these kind of videos off.

Be amazed at my latest hyper lapse attempt! Behold the wonder of Disneyland during the Christmas holiday season! If Disney is reading this, I will totally sell out and make videos for you.

Video by Oliver Ayala 
Music Wishery by Pogo
Taken with Sony A7sii

All shots were hand held with the exception of 3 where the camera would rest on a trashcan for longer exposures in order to get motion blur from crowds and rides.

Edited in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere
All shot handheld with the exception of three segments where the camera was resting on a garbage can.

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