Video(s) of the Day: Racing the Tube

Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

Today's video of the day is two videos and its actually an interesting story.  Yesterday I came accross a video called Race the Tube. It seemed like a great video for our video of the day. The basic concept is a man and his friend get on the Tube, both wearing GoPro cameras on their heads, and when the train gets to the next stop, one of them sprints out of the carriage and tries to beat the train on foot to the next station.

Then this morning as I was about to post this video I came across another video from YouTuber TheFreeHelpGuy called Race the Tube - In a Wheelchair. It's the same concept, with a twist, and it all comes down to a discovery that the Tube is not very accessable for those in wheelchairs.

It's a great example of not only using video to spread a message, but also using a previously viral video as a blueprint to try.  It turns out it's a winning formula as both videos have gained viral status. Both videos are from 2014 and three years later still making the rounds on the web.

It's a conversation through video and shows how video is truly the language of the Internet. 

Watch both videos below:


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