The War At Trash Mountain by Martin Grey

Martin Grey's First Video

Posted April 18, 2016
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The video you are watching above was shot, scripted, edited and produced by Martin Grey.

Martin Grey is the Head of Media and Public Affairs at Viridor, a recycling, renewable energy and waste management company in the UK. 

It was Martin's first video (second actually, his first was pretty good also!).  Martin was a participant at our 4-day intensive video training bootcamp in London last week.

Prior to the bootcamp, he had never shot video (let alone edited) in his life.  Also, as the head of Media and Public Affairs of one of Britain's largest companies (FTSE 250), he was used to hiriing 'professional crews' to produce all his company's video needs. 

I think that will probably change in the future.

I am showing you this to show you what is possible. All you need do (as I explain every time) is just do exactly what I tell you to do.

And this is but Martin's first second attempt.  As he goes forward, they are only going to get better. But even now, after 4 days, his is as good as most of the stuff you see on TV or online done by very high priced 'professionals'. 


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