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Video of the Day: Museum of Failure

Posted June 15, 2017
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Today's video of the day is a little documentary about the Museum of Failure and it's curator. The museum is a shrine to some of the less popular technological inventions that may show promise of future devices and products, but were not successes themselves.  

The video is from NBC Left Field, a new digital operation from NBCUniversal. The new site features digital content, including videos, all done in the VJ style and method. The work is similar to that of CNN's Great Big Story: small stories told through video about characters.

The arrival of NBC Left Field shows the direction the big media companies see the media lanscape shifting to, that is to say videos on the web. This is the kind of content tht is highly consumable on the web, is cheap to produce, and compelling. This is the kind of stuff that you could be making either for yourself, a client, or even NBC.  This is the direction that media is going and more and more digital first content is going to dominate what we think of as TV.


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The world of television before cable had been limited to 3 networks and a handful of local TV stations. But the advent of cable meant that suddenly there were 60, 70 soon to be 100 or more new channels. And all of those channels needed content. But where were they going to get it from? A huge market for content had just opened up.

Q: What do TV news and Netflix have in common? A: They both appear on the same screen. They both tell stories.

This morning, I went out early to buy my copy of the weekend FT — a great newspaper, by the way. I was a bit surprised to see that my regular newsstand, on 6th Avenue and 55th Street, had exactly 3 newspapers for sale — one copy of Baron’s and two copies of The New York Post. That was it. No FT, no NY Times, no Washington Post, no… nothing.

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