iPhone 14

iPhone 14: The Filmmaker’s Smartphone

Posted April 25, 2023
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Creating professional film and video has never been easier. Technology now allows anyone with a smartphone to be able to take it out of their pocket, open the camera app, and make something amazing. 

Open Tik Tok, open Instagram or open any social media app of your choosing and you will be greeted by video. Some stunning, some terrible. Funny videos, cute videos, informative videos, disturbing videos, and everything in between are at your fingertips on your smartphone. Amazingly almost all of that video is created using a smartphone. No longer is it that a handful of companies in Hollywood make all of the things you watch, now it’s an astounding number of creators. 

While some may believe that what you can make with a smartphone cannot be like what they make in Hollywood, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With advancements in smartphone camera technology video shot on a smartphone can look just as beautiful as that shot on a big camera, not to mention the inherent advantages of working with a small device rather than a cumbersomely large piece of equipment.

First, let’s look at the technical aspects of the smartphone’s camera. 

Looking at the iPhone 14 Pro, the camera system on this device is a large jump forward from the 13 model (which was already quite impressive). The 14 Pro features three rear-facing camera lenses like its predecessor: a 48MP wide-angle lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. The wide-angle lens with its 48MP allows for much more detailed images and videos, as well as allows the camera to have better results in low light scenarios and more color fidelity while shooting. These three different lenses, much like other top-of-the-line smartphones make getting the kind of shot you’re looking for perfect (without having to deal with changing lenses out of a camera body). Just tap a number on the app and the camera system does the rest. 

Additionally on the iPhone 14 is Cinematic Mode, which was first introduced on the iPhone 13. This mode is updated on the 14 to support 4K 30fps. Cinematic Mode allows the user to take full control of the camera system which previously was hidden behind the various autofocus and exposure. The user can control the focus much more, set exposure points, and much more. Even more impressively this can be done after the fact if shot in that mode. 

A new mode for the iPhone 14 is Action Mode. This uses the camera’s new auto stabilization function allowing for smoother video while shooting. This is great for recording video while moving the camera. In order to get smooth images on smartphones a large equipment industry rose up making stabilizing cases and gimbals all now looking like they are going to be unneeded in the coming future as this technology gets better. 

There’s no doubt that the technology of this camera is astounding and will help you create beautiful images for your videos. What’s even more important to filmmakers and video creators around the world is that this camera system exists on a smartphone. Firstly, a smartphone is far cheaper than a “cinema” camera. It is something that a large percentage of the world already owns. In the United States that percentage is approximately 74% according to Ericsson. Secondly is the size of the phone. As the phone is small and lightweight it can be far more flexible than a traditional camera. Allowing the user to create more amazing shots. Pair that with its ubiquity and you have a combination that allows for limitless possibilities for creators. They can do almost whatever their imaginations can dream up. 

If Apple’s cycle is to be continued we should hear about a new iPhone model in the coming months and while there are rumors abound across the internet there is no doubt they are going to continue to build on this aspect of their device and make creating videos and films even better using the phone.