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Fiverr Pro Wants to Help You Make More Money Freelancing

Posted July 03, 2017
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A lot of people ask us how to make money freelancing, how to find clients, how to negotiate contracts and then after all of that, how to find time to actually do the work? That's where Fiverr Pro can come in.

Fiverr Pro is a new professional service from the people who made Fiverr.  Fiverr is a platform for freelances to link up with employers who are in need to a freelancer. What Fiverr Pro does is use a vetting system of your work to help place you in an elite class of freelancers that will make you stand out in the crowd, and lead to work in your area.  While Fiverr was for small gigs, Fiverr Pro can get you some serious work allowing you to get paid much more than on the normal Fiverr platform. 

Fiverr CEO Micha Kauffman wrote in a blog post:

Just seven years ago when we launched, we imagined a world where anyone could find millions of talented professionals from all around the world, and have them start working on a project with the single click of a mouse. Fiverr started with small services, but over time our customers grew to expect more from the platform, recognizing how our fundamental model could be used to do even greater work.

Sign up and get your reel and resume in the hands of the right employers for the right projects!

You can apply here.


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