Award winning VJ Andre Malok was trained by us in a 4-day intensive bootcamp.

When Newspapers Go To Video - Emmys Abound

Posted November 20, 2015
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Second Chance This is the story of Mike, an orphaned bear cub, whose treatment and recovery captivated a worldwide audience and took viewers inside the reality of wildlife rehabilitation in New Jersey. In this short film, NJ Advance Media's Andre Malok, recounts the circumstances of how the dedicated staff of Woodlands Wildlife Refuge came to care for the such a young bear, and he examines what it really means to give injured and orphaned animals a second chance.

The documentary film, Second Chance was shot, scripted, edited and produced by VJ Andre Malok.  Andre was and is a graphic artist with The Newark Star Ledger.  In 2008 he took our 4-day video bootcamp along with many other Ledger staffers.  

Newspaper journalists often make the best transition to video.  The Ledger has been exemplary of what a newspaper can do with video. Newspapers are talent magnets. They attract people who want to tell stories.  And storytelling is the very heart of great video journalism.



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