You Got To Know When To Fold ‘Em

Posted December 24, 2018
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Royole is a company you have never heard of.

But the China-based startup has a valuation of $5 billion, and it is on the cutting edge of some very interesting video related technologies, from VR headgear to their latest release – folding screens.

Folding screens have been the holy grail of the video world for some time now – how to get rid of the bulkiness of hard screens and make a big screen you could either roll up or fold up and stick in your pocket.

Royole seems to have done that with its FlexiPai.

The product was shown last week in Shanghai for the first time, and it is scheduled for market release in December, but CEO Bill Liu says that there is a huge potential market for this technology. 

Of course, being the first out of the gate with a new kind of technology does not always guarantee success, but it does give a pretty clear indication of where things are headed. Royole is now opening the door to developers to create applications for a tech that clearly works – even if it is a bit rough.

You can check out the folding screen here.


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