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VJ... NFL Star... and... Jamaica Olympic Bobsled Team???? YES!

Posted June 04, 2017
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Michael Blair, former Green Bay Packers running back was also a VJ that we trained in VJ Bootcamp and sent around the world with his video camera for our Travel Channel series 5Takes.

When we talk about putting the power of video into everyone's hands, we are not kidding around.

Blair, who spent four years in the NFL and another five in professional leagues across the US and Europe is now a teacher and coach Skokie, Illinois.

But Michael Blair has another dream - to represent his parent's home nation of Jamaica in the Winter Olvmpics on the bobsled team

In order to do that, Blair had to first learn the bobsled! 

We've all seen the 1993 Disney movie Cool Runnings, and now Michael Blair is doing Cool Runnings for real -aiming for the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

In order to prepare for the games, Blair had to leave his job in Skokie and engage in a grueling round of physical training exercises.

Observes Blair: "I've given notice at the school. Now I have to raise money so that I can keep my house and car and life on hold while I train with the team. To me, that's the scariest part - flying down a mountain of ice in a tiny tube seems like a breeze compared to that."

Blair has started a GoFundMe page

And you can get in touch with him direclty at #BlairbobsleJAM. 

You see, you never know where VJ Bootcamp will land you.  



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