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Professional Video in Just Four Days

Posted October 23, 2017
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We just wrapped up our 4-Day Intensive video bootcamp in New York.

It was a remarkable success.

We have been running these bootcamps since 1988, and I never get tired of doing them. It never ceases to amaze me to what the transition as complete amateurs acquire the skills to make perfect videos and films in just four days.

Last week's group represented an interest cross section of participants, from an FBI Agent to a Professor Sociology at Johns Hopkins University to a host for a Reality TV Show and many others. This is interesting because it really demonstrates how much video and the use of video has migrated from the 'professionals' to everyone else. 

Our sociology professor wants to use video to explain his work to the general public, feeling no one reads research papers (probably so). We had an animal rights activist from IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare who wants to use video to tell the world what is happening to animals in the wild. We had an FBI agent who wants to use video to help the public better understand what the FBI does.

I would like to show you all of these (but we don't have rights or clearance for many), however I will show you one.  

This was done by James Eppard, our FBI Agent.  

Watch this.

This is the first video he has ever shot and edited. He had never really touched a video camera before, and certainly never edited, scripted or produced anything.

Yet this is what is possible after only 4 days.

And, of course, for him, it is just the beginning.

Watch it and you can see that he follows ALL the rules - 5 shots, DNMTC, sequences, clear narrative, etc..  

This was all done in one day, pretty much.

Nice work! 


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