Video of the Day: Gymnastics On Edge Of Building

Posted March 10, 2017
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A post shared by ᎷY ᏞIFᎬ IᏚ Ꭺ ᎷOᏙIᎬ (@olegcricket) on Mar 8, 2017 at 7:11am PST

Today's video of the day is from Instagram user olegcricket and shows him doing some pretty scary maneuvers on the edge of a very tall building. If you are afraid of heights, don't watch this one.

We came across this video on the LAD Bible, a website and social networking company that you may be familiar with if you've ever seen a viral video on Facebook. The LAD Bible pretty much just aggregates video content as a way to get people to their page to see ads on their site. Everything funnels through video -- particularly viral video. In fact, they have a policy that if a video you submitted, or can prove you created, gets on their Facebook page, they will pay you £100.

Now, this is not the place to send your one minute travel video, they traffic in short viral clips more, but this site is an example of how video dominates the web and entertainment right now. There is a constant demand for video content out there, so get producing.


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