Roland R-07 Audio Recorder

Equipment: Roland R-07 Audio Recorder

Posted January 15, 2018
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The Roland R-07 Audio Recorder is an amazing, small digital audio recorder perfect for on the go recording.

If you have ever produced video you know how important audio is. We like to say here that most of what you see is what you hear. Viewers are far more forgiving about poor video than they are about bad audio. Have a little shake in your video and no one will say anything, have bad audio quality and you will get lots of negative comments. The key to capturing solid audio is the quality of the microphone. Microphones can be very expensive, and if you are shooting with a smartphone, you can find that even the more expensive items leave you wanting better quality. If you are shooting on a smartphone and use the internal mic (made for phone calls) you will find the quality of your audio is not as good as it could be.

The R-07 can record two tracks at once, so you can set different levels, has a graphic LCD display so you can monitor your levels and output, and records to a micro SD card. 

The R-07 solves those problems. The pocket sized device promises amazing audio quality. It has several capturing modes depending on what you are trying to record -- be it an interview, nat-sound, or even a music performance. You can control the device via bluetooth and also monitor and review it through your smartphone. 

You can by the R-07 from Roland in black, white, or red for $229 here.

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