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Olloclip & Incase Team up for iPhone Filmer's Kit

Posted July 18, 2017
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Olloclip and Incase announced yesterday that they have teamed up and developed a new accessory kit, the Filmer's Kit, and it will be on sale in Apple Stores around the world. The kit, which cost $199, comes with curated essentials for mobile videography, photography and live streaming.

The kit comes with an Olloclip Core Lens Set with Fisheye, Super-wide, and Macro 15x lenses, an Olloclip Active Lens Set with Telephoto and Ultra-Wide lenses, an Olloclip Pivot articulating mobile video grip, and a carrying case.

Smartphones, and particularly the iPhone, have become a major force in video production pretty much since the iPhone 4, with each new model having an even better camera and even better features for video (they say the 8 is going to be amazing). With just a device that you most likely already have in your pocket, you can create broadcast quality video all on the one device. You can shoot, you can edit, you can publish and you can view. More and more professionals are adding iPhones to their kits and making amazing videos with them. The BBC recently has had VJs make whole segments and even programs on them, travel video producers make web videos on them and food blogs use them to video recipes and meals. With the professionals using them, there is no reason why you shouldn't too. Many people believe that in order to become a professional in the video industry you have to have thousands of dollars worth of gear, but this is simply not the case anymore!

If this seems like a good bit of gear for you then you better hurry quick to the Apple Store though as there are only 2,000 of these world wide and you don't want to miss out!

Check out the press release here.


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