iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode
Still from Nolan Molt

Watch the iPhone Cinematic Mode in Action

Posted September 28, 2021
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The new iPhone 13 has a very cool new feature for the native camera app called Cinematic Mode.

The new camera function allows you to take much more control of the phone's camera system. You can manually control the exposure, and manage the depth of field of your shot. Additionally, clips created using Cinematic mode are able to be modified in the edit to change the depth of field, as well as the focal point throughout the shot. The focal point can be modified multiple times throughout the clip enabling you to create a rack focus after you have already shot the clip. 

While Cinematic Mode is being billed as Portrait Mode for video it is really much more. Take a look at this YouTube of some Cinematic Mode videos shot by Nolan Molt:

As you can see the footage is stunning. The phone footage rivals anything you could get with a big traditional camera. There's a reason Hollywood directors, like Steven Soderbergh, are using iPhones to create feature films. Now with Cinematic Mode, you can get the Hollywood look, do amazing rack focuses, and all right from the native camera app. Think back to your first camera phone... the technology has come an incredibly long way in such a short amount of time. Who knows what will come next for the iPhone video revolution. 


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