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Create Your Own Soundtrack Just By Humming

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

One of the great problems - and great expenses - in creating a video is often the issue of music.

You can pay a fortune for music rights, or less of a fortune for lesser quality music, or if you are really talented, you can create your own soundtrack with Garageband.

But now, there is an alternative - or at least one on the horizon.

It's called Projectd Kazoo, and its the brainchild of  Adobe research scientist Zeyu Jin.

It's a neat concept, and one that Jin says could be particularly useful as a plug-in for some of the company's audio and video editing services, like Audition and Premiere. Instead of having to find or create original sound effects or music for projects, Jin says, Kazoo would instead enable creators to make their own, regardless of relative musical ability.

The project is still just an experiment for now, Adobe previewed it as part of the "Sneaks" portion of its Max conference, so it may not ever see the light of day. But, if it did, it could give even the most tone deaf new confidence in their abilities.

Check it out here: 




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