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New on TheVJ.com This Week: Placing Objects in Front of Text in FCP X

Posted June 06, 2018
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If you’ve ever seen the video effect where a person or an object moves in front of text on the screen you’ll know it looks very cool. 

Now you can learn how to do that effect in Final Cut Pro X.

This is one effect that can give your video a professional edge and make it seem like a Hollywood feature. It's little effects like this that make your video stand out. Many people think that effects like this and others are difficult to pull off and require additional software, but for Final Cut, and Premiere, but you can create this effect quite easily. 

At TheVJ.com we hon one of the most comprehensive series of tutorials for FCP X and whether you’re a beginner or an advanced editor you’ll find lessons to help you develop your skills.

We have been adding special effects lessons like this for Final Cut and other softwares to the site and all of these effects, like adding greenscreen backgrounds, changing colors, isolating colors, and much more, and they are much easier to achieve than you would think when you see them on the screen. 

Start with our Grammar of Editing course and then check out all our software and other courses in our Editing Section. If you edit and produce video on your smartphone check out our Mobile Section.

We are constantly adding new lessons and courses to TheVJ.com so check here for updates on new uploads, and if you haven't signed up yet try out a 10-day free trial to see what it's all about.


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