An MMJ's Covid-19 Test - A Personal Story

Posted April 22, 2020
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We are normally not big fans of putting the reporter into a TV story.

We'll make an excetion for LA Spectrum News 1 MMJ Tanya McRae.

A graduate of our bootcamp, Tanya has been on the front lines of the Covid-19 story.  TV journalists are. Unlike newspapers or radio or online, to get a story, they have to physically go out and get the storyh in person.

And this puts them at risk.

But i a world where the rest of us are in lockdown at home, depending on news channels to keep us informed, this is necessary.

Getting tested is a necessary but anxiety inducing event that all of us are going to face at some poing.  

Tanya got there first.

Here is her story - in two parts



And here's part 2

Needless to say, all done on an iPhone.



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