Video of the Day: Amtrak Snow-mo Collision (w/ snow)

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

Today's video of the day shows us a tense moment at an Amtrak station in the NE U.S. this week. After getting tons of snow, the trains were still running and this train makes impact with the uncleared, snow-covered tracks quite dramatically. Instead of getting a safe distance away, this person decided to pull out his iPhone and get some video -- in slo-mo none the less.  You can tell that others had the same idea as everyone is looking at the oncoming train through the screens of their phones.  What a world we live in. 

Have you ever seen the first movie ever made? The first films were actualities and were really just whatever the camera inventing brothers, the Lumiere Brothers, wanted to point their camera at. One of the first ones they made was of a train pulling up to the station just like this one. It's amazing what has been accomplished in a little over 100 years.

The iPhone is one of the biggest innovations in video including the Lumiere brothers original invention. Not only can you shoot, in slow motion and time lapse, but also you can edit and publish to the internet right from the one machine. The Lumiere's camera was similar. There was no editing but it doubled as a projector. Oh how far we've come.


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