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The Mevo Start Live Stream Camera

Posted January 22, 2021
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Live streaming has become a huge part of our media landscape with millions of live streams across many platforms happening every day. If you've watched some live streams you'll know that most are terrible. They are just a person, talking into a single framed shot, and that's it. The Mevo Start camera is a tool that can help change that.

The Mevo Start is a small, light-weight camera specifically designed for live streams. The small camera can connect via wifi to your stream encoding software or directly to your streaming platform and then you can use this one camera for multiple framings and other features.

Let's start with multiple framings. The camera shoots in full 1080p and using the camera's app on your phone you can select multiple framings and just tap to switch between them. This can make your live streams more dynamic and help retain your audience throughout the stream. Another feature of the Mevo Start is its follows feature. Using the app you can select a subject and your framing, and it will adjust as your subject moves around keeping the frame on them.

In terms of audio, the Mevo Start has an internal microphone which based on example videos seems to work pretty well when at a close distance. The camera also has a 3.5mm audio input and a USB-C input so you can connect a microphone to the camera. Additionally, you can use the app to connect a microphone to your phone and use that. This is useful if you already own any smartphone microphones. 

These features, among others, will make your live streams looks much more professional and make it look like you have a whole crew working for you. Learn more about the Mevo Start here


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