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Posted November 01, 2016
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The George Eastman Museum, the world's oldest photography museum, has opened its online database up to the public, allowing free access to over 250,000 items from the archive. 

Photography can inform us a lot about video.  Video is after all just a series of still images.  We here at believe that when you are composing your shots in video, you should think of the frame like a still photo.  With the Eastman collection you can review some of the best work of photographers and help your eye for composition.  Why not learn from some of the best work?

Visit the archive.

Rick Boost from DigitalRev reports:


The George Eastman Museum, the world’s oldest museum dedicated to the subject of photography has opened up a new online portal that will provide free access to over 250,000 items from their collections.

Though the museum makes clear that far from everything in their holdings is available through their platform quite yet, they are continuing to add to it on a weekly basis. What is available is extensively catalogued and discoverable by several criteria. Users can now search through the museum’s photography, technology, and legacy collections, with additional materials being continuously updated. Content from the moving image collection for instance will be fully accessible in the next few months.

Bruce Barnes, the Ron and Donna Fielding Director at the museum said: “The launch of our online collection database has been truly transformative for the George Eastman Museum, allowing the world access to explore and discover the myriad wonders of our collection, enhancing the museum’s profile, our contribution to scholarship, and our collaborative capabilities”

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