When The Anchor Becomes The MMJ

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago


Caroline Blair is the morning anchor on Spectrum News 1 in North Carolina.

That means she spends pretty much all of her time in the studio, behind the desk.

That's what anchors do.

But this week, she also participated in our iPhone Storytelling Video Bootcamp - done virtually by Zoom.

In the bootcamp, everyone gets the same basic instruction in shooting and storytelling:  5-shot method, don't move the phone, Fluffy the puppy has been hit by a car.

Then, they head out with their phones to report, shoot, script, edit and produce a news package - all in one day.

Take a look at the story she came back with for Bootcamp on day 2.

I'm sure she does a great job as an anchor, but she should try and report from the field wheever she can.

All it takes is an iPhone.


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