Creating a Project

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Subject: Mobile

Title: Creating a Project


In this lesson you will learn how to create a project in Adobe Rush. Adobe Rush is a new editing software for mobile devices that is great for editing on the go.


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The Adobe Rush app is a mobile editing app from Adobe that makes editing on the go between devices easy. It can be used on smartphone, tablet, and desktop. In this course we’ll be showing you how it works on smartphone.


The first time that you open the Rush app, you’ll get a welcome screen that asks you to sign into your Adobe account. If you don’t have one you can create one, or you can sign in using Facebook or Google.


You can use the app for free without a subscription but you will be limited to three exports. Once you subscribe you will have unlimited exports.


Once you sign in you will be taken to the Rush tutorial which will show you the basics.


After the tutorial, or if you skip it you will be taken to the project screen. 


If you have no projects you will just see a button in the center of the screen that says create new project. At the top of the screen you can select settings to change your settings, search for help, or give feedback. At the bottom of the screen you can create a project by accessing the media browser or by shooting video directly from your device to the project. Let’s tap the center create project button.


If you tap the blue button you will be taken to the media browser which shows all the media on your device. You can select to import from your camera roll, photos, videos, albums, audio, as well as from your creative cloud or dropbox, and you select from their sample media. Navigate to where your footage is on your device and tap to select the clips you want to include in your video. Note: you have to select at least one clip to create a project, but you can always add more media later. 


The project will import the media you selected and now you have a new project.


To rename your project, tap on the home icon in the top left corner of the screen to go back to the project overview page, tap the three dots underneath your project preview, and then tap rename. You can rename your project and then tap rename.