Bose Frames - You Can Toss Your Apple Ear Buds Now

Posted May 14, 2019
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When I was a kid, everyone had (or wanted) a SONY Walkman.

For those of you who are young enough to be voting for AOC, think of this as a Flintstone's version of an iPod...

An iPod was an iPhone that only played back music.

Are we all on the same page now?


Anyway, the Walkman played cassette tapes (don't ask) and you were able to CARRY THE MUSIC WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU WENT!!!

To listen to it, the Walkman had a small (relatively) set of headphones. These were made of soft orange foam and held together by a flexible metal band that went over year head.

Like I said, Flintstones.

Anyway, that was cutting edge portable audio in 1975.

Today, of course, there are the Apple Earbuds, which you just stick into your ear, as everyone knows.

But as the iPhone spawned its own competitors, so too have the earbuds.

Today, three are three options for earbuds:

  • Ear phones that you cram into your ears. These are the ubiquitous Apple earbuds we are so familiar with
  • Earphones that you hook over your ears - these are the things thae make you look like some kind of wanna be hedge fund guy in an elevator or a clerk at Home Depot
  • Q-Tip earphones that you actually shove into your ear canal. I think these are probably pretty dangerous, as my mother always told me not to put anything bigger than my elbow into my ear, and these are much smaller.

But now, BOSE, who makes great audio stuff, is about to blow those dinosaurs (as Fred used to say) out of the water.

Here's a pair of sunglasses that deliver great audio and you don't have to stick someting in your ear or look like a total geek.