LogicSkin Premiere Pro Keyboard Cover

Posted May 18, 2017
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Once you learn the basics of an editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, learning the software's hot keys and shortcuts is one of the best ways to learn the software even better, make your edits go faster, and become a master of the software. Learning the keyboard shortcuts can be difficult though. Enter LogicSkin.

LogicSkin makes silicon keyboard covers with the shortcuts and hot keys printed right on it, and they have just released their new Premiere Pro cover for the new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar.

Just slide the cover on top of your keyboard and you'll never have to rack your mind thinking of the shortcut for the crossfade because it's right there on the keyboard. LogicSkin also makes covers for Final Cut Pro so no matter your software, they have you covered!

You can buy the cover from LogicSkin.