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New Course on VJ: Apple Clips

Posted November 22, 2017
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If you find editing the most challenging part of creating videos then take a look at our new course on Apple Clips. 

It’s the latest app for editing on iPhones and iPads and it’s really easy to learn. It’s a perfect app for making social media videos. This course covers everything from creating live titles to creating effects and graphic overlays.

Apple Clips is an easy to use and user friendly app that is geared towards social media videos. The app has a slew of features that you won't find on iMovie for iOS and has a mobile video focus at its core. You can shoot video right into the app, or use video already shot on your iPhone to create engaging videos. 

Once you have video in your timeline, or as they call it your clip stream, you can add filters, graphics like stickers and emojis, live captions, and share right to your favorite social platform. Amazingly, this powerful editor is available free on the App Store. 

One drawback of the app is that you can only make square videos, but for an app focused on social media videos this is not such a bad thing. It is a simple tool for making great videos for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. 

One of the best features is the live captioning function. It automatically detects audio and generates real time captions that are more reliable and better looking that generated captions on platforms like Facebook. This is important for social video as most viewers watch them with the sound off as they scroll through their feeds.

The videos you will make with clips are great for promotion. You can make a teaser for a longer video you have elsewhere, a video for a product you are selling, a music video, and much more. Videos like the ones you make in Clips are great for getting a viewer's attention and getting them to click through to your longer content or products. If you own a business, or are trying to make it out there as a VJ it is a great tool for making videos that will grow your business -- and we can teach you how to use it.

Our new course will take you through all the steps of using Apple Clips. You'll learn about the interface, how to add and adjust clips in the clip stream, add filters, graphics and music, and how to share your videos to social platforms.

Check out the new Apple Clips course here and also take our new Editing Social Media Videos course to learn everything there is to know about social media videos.

Have you used Apple Clips? We'd love to see what you've made!


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