Equipment: Arsenal - the 'Intelligent Camera Assistant'

Posted June 20, 2017
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Arsenal is a wireless camera controller like no other one out there. What makes Arsenal different is its intelligence. It can not only control your various camera settings from your smartphone using the paired app, but also it uses advanced machine learning algorithms that actually help you capture better images.

That's right, it uses AI to be your DP or camera assistant; taking in light and other parameters to help you change the camera settings to ensure the best exposure. Not only that, but also it uses a database of millions of images to compare your surroundings to as well. 

The Arsenal is currently in its Kickstarter phase, but we think it's going to turn into a great product as they have raised over $2 million still with 48 hours to go at the time of writing. 

Specifically designed for still photography, but it can also work for video and help you set up great shots before recording. You can also turn off the assistant feature and just use the app to control camera settings and act as a few finder when you have your camera set up.

The  Kickstarter campaign ends in less than 48 hours and will begin shipping at the end of 2017. Learn more at from the Arsenal website.


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