Morris Rahbar

Video of the Day: Classical Piano Dr. Dre Mashup in Compton

Posted May 18, 2017
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Today's video of the day comes to us from classical pianist and YouTuber Morris Rahbar and shows him playing an amazing Dr. Dre mashup for the students of Compton College.

One of the amazing things about this video if you watch carefully is that the video uses footage from the many smartphones recording the performance. It cuts around to give you many angles and in the age of smartphones this is easy to achieve; just ask the kids to email you the footage and then edit it all together. He uses the audio from one track, so that it is consistent throughout. 


This is the kind of thing that if you are a pianist and you know you are going to play this medly, you want to get it on video because it will be a great branding tool. This video has gotten over 800,000 views in the year that it has been up. No matter your profession, if your brand is a key part of your business then you need to be using video to get your name and work out there. Just take Rahbar's example here.


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