New Gear: MicRig

Posted March 27, 2017
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A new kickstarter has caught our eye and it's the MicRig from Sevenoak. The MicRig is a camera rig that has a shotgun mic attached to it. This way you can rig up your smartphone, GoPro or DSLR and have a professional quality mic built right in.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who use DSLRs or smartphones a lot for video is that the audio quality is poor. This rig takes care of that problem as the shotgun plugs right into the aux port on your camera. The rig itself is great for getting stable shots when you are out in the field as sometimes DSLRs and smartphones can be difficult to maneuver smoothly.

The rig is currently in the funding stage on Kickstarter, but it has already made its goal so you should see the product available soon. They are estimating delivery in May if you get it through the Kickstarter, so we can expect it to be available more widely shortly after that. 

Here's what you get:



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