Canon XA20

Posted April 11, 2017 from Sandi Bachom's submission
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I use the Canon XA20, it’s a real workhorse, I shoot everyday, thousands of hours  a year. I’m a run an gunner, documentary filmmaker and I shoot a lot of music, so I love the X20 zoom.  The camera needs to be discreet so I can hold it and talk to people and they aren’t as aware of the camera, making the ‘conversation’ more natural. They forget it’s there.
Camera has two SD card slots and I use long life batteries always keep charged and bring a charged backup for shooting all day with peace of mind.
I use a Gitzo mono pod, use for shooting press conferences or holding camera above crowds for huge protests, also use to steady for handholding when shooting music.
I use a RODE shotgun mic.  Shoot on Sandisk Ultra SD cards and keep them all as my master, they’re $13 at B&H.