Equipment: Olloclip Lens Kit for iPhone X

Posted May 08, 2018
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Everyone knows that the iPhone X has one of the most sophisticated and advanced camera system of any smartphone on the market, only rivaled by Samsung's Galaxy S9 and Google's Pixel 2, but with Olloclip's new lens kit for iPhone X, you can make it even better.

The iPhone X already has two lenses on its back camera, one telephoto and one wide-angle, but the glass on these are very small for technical reasons and when it comes to lenses the glass it what you are paying for. Olloclips new lens kit clips right onto your iPhone X and gives you better glass than what is already on the phone. 

Let's be clear, the camera system on iPhone X, and the Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2, are very good and for most purposes do not need any improvement, but if you want a shot to look a certain way or have more control over the style of the shot, then these may be what you are looking for.

In total, Olloclip is offering six different styles of lens for your iPhone: Super-Wide, Ultra-Wide, Fisheye, Telephoto, Macro 14X, and Macro 21X. 

These lenses work with your camera system to give you shots that may be difficult to produce well with just the built-in lenses. Whether it's widening the field of view with the wides, getting a better zoom with the telephoto, or enhancing those super-close-ups with the macro lenses, you'll find that these lenses will enhance your video.

Additionally, Olloclip has updated their previous versions to be compatible with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

Buy all of these from Olloclip and get their bundle for $99.

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