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Posted February 01, 2019
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We have been running video bootcamps since 1988.

As a rule, we don't allow kids in the sessions. They can get pretty intense and the workload is pretty heavy.

When Anthony Beverly applied, he asked if he could bring along his 12-year old son.  For once, and I have no idea why, we said yes.

Clearly that was the right decision, as the note, posted on Facebok yesterday by Mr. Beverly makes quite clear.  It is things like this that keep us going - it's more than a job. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can have a real impact on people's lives.

Here's the post:

My son, Justice Beverley is on a path I could never have imagined. WOW! I was at a summit at the university he attends and I was so impressed with numerous people who came up to my son telling him how proud they were of him for a variety of things he has already accomplished. He has a profound relationship with the Vice President of The University of Texas and many others who are influential in such an amazing way. 

It all began when Justice and I was in New York. I was there to take a film class.

Michael Rosenblum and his wife Lisa Lambden were the instructors for the 4 day boot camp on how to make commercials, movies, etc. Michael invited Justice in to take the course along side me. Justice became the youngest graduate of the film class. Since that time Justice has taken the ball and is running with it. 

The University of Texas has asked Justice to be a vendor for the school. What this means is when an employee of the University has a film project Justice is on the list of people to be called to video or edit that project. I am happy and excited for him. 

It’s funny when I am at SMU with Justice people say to him, “you’re Anthony Beverley’s son”. At the University of Texas when Justice and I are together I am told, “you’re Justice’s dad”. It’s all good.

Michael Rosenblum and his wife Lisa Lambden regularly teach classes on how to create content and how to make money with what you have learned. Their website is TheVJ.com  I wanted to say thank you to Michael for taking a chance on my 11 year old son. You have helped to positively alter his life.


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