Using The Precision Editor

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Subject: Editing

Title: Using The Precision Editor


How to fine-tune your edits in FCP X using the Precision Editor.


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In our Final Cut Pro Beginner course, we looked at how to trim your clips by using the trim tool. In this Intermediate Course, we’re going to look at a more precise way to trim using the Precision Editor. To open the Precision Editor, double click on the edit point where you want to make your adjustment. You’ll see an expanded view of the two clips on either side of your edit point.

You can also see the unused footage that’s available to you that’s grayed out. If I click on the edge if the top clip, which is my outgoing clip, and start to drag, you’ll see two boxes appear in the Viewer window. The box on the left displays the last frame of your outgoing clip as you drag, and the box on the right represents the first frame of your incoming clip and stays the same. 

I can do the same thing on the  edge of the incoming clip on the bottom, and when I look at the two boxes in my Viewer window, the box on the left, which represents my outgoing clip, stays the same, and the box on the right displays the first frame of my incoming clip.

If I click on the grey handle in the center and drag, I can adjust both clips at the same time, and both boxes in my viewer window will update as I drag

To exit the Precision Editor and save your changes, double-click on the grey handle.

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