BFBS Bootcamp Student Profile: Chris Pearson

Posted February 14, 2017
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When you’re faced with a story that on the surface doesn’t seem very visual it requires some planning and effort to turn it into a video that people will want to watch. At one of our recent boot-camps in the UK, Chris Pearson needed to turn what would have been just an interview into a really visual story. To do this he spent time with his subject, filming him as he want about his day to day job rather than simply sitting him in a chair and doing a “talking head” interview with him.

This is a great example of how our method of shooting and storytelling can create a compelling story. Chris has a background in radio, but could apply his knowledge of storytelling, in addition to our method, and transition quite nicely to video. Great work Chris!

We want to see your first videos. Upload them to YouTube and put the link in the comments for others to see; and if you are a yearly member of you can send us your video for a critique.


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